Anita Ogletree

I am not certain, but I think all of this started about 5 or 6 years ago when doctors found fibroids on my uterus. It took me a long time to change doctors after they had done tests and had decided that the pain I was having in my left leg and the bones just between the thighs on either side of the groin was not because of the fibroids. The pain and discomfort had become so intense that I found another doctor who did a test which helped him to see that not only did I have fibroids that were growing but I also had endometriosis. This was spreading to all the major reproductive organs and he suggested that I have a hysterectomy.

After some consideration and prayer, I decided to have it hoping that the pain would go away. For a short while, the pain in my groin and left leg subsided. Then I started walking for exercise. Oh how fun it was - in the beginning. I was determined to keep trying, but my feet and lower back wouldn't let me.

My feet would get numb after about 20 minutes into the exercise. I could see an improvement in my weight and energy, but I had to stop the walking and get some help. I went to doctors and they did tests and said all the found was some osteoarthritis on my spine. They prescribed different kinds of medication. I took some and stopped after hearing that all this medication was doing was messing up my kidneys if I continued to take them over a long period of time. Meanwhile, the pain gets worse and then it subsides.

This year, after doing sedentary work during this time, I began to have pain in my left leg, which extended to my lower back. I thought that I would try a chiropractor as suggested by a co-worker. Two of them tried and tired, and as you know, this only helped temporarily. The pain kept getting worse until it started to affect me when sitting down. I changed doctors again, had X-rays and A MRI done, which showed nothing. I went to a Physical Therapist, who tired but couldn't help. I was in more pain after the stretching and all. I have had to go on a medical leave from work because I cannot sit and we tried different chairs and pillows and sitting positions. The pain now is a 10. The Therapist did mention the coccyx being damaged, but she could not find anyone who could help me. On Sunday, I found this site and all that I have discovered points directly to this being coccydynia. I don't know what type of doctor will be able to diagnose this. I am scheduled to see a neurologist soon. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions about doctors? I live in Birmingham, Alabama and I need help!

Updated 2001-09-22

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