Pain without injury


I have been experiencing pain for 6 months now with no injury that I'm aware of. The only thing I remember happening at this time was I had lifted a lot of boxes - some quite heavy - which resulted in initial back pain. Then the back pain became "tailbone" pain.

I've been x-rayed twice which showed "nothing". I had tests run on my stomach because I started experiencing extreme bloating in conjunction with the pain - nothing there either. I even had my female organs checked to see if there was a possible "domino effect" occurring - everything was clear.

Now I'm trying the chiropractor who is using electro-shock with ice packs, then adjustments. I immediately feel relief, but the pain comes back within 1 to 2 days. He seems to think that I have inflammation in that area which has caused the muscles to somewhat constrict, resulting in malfunction of this area. He feels that with continued treatment and specific exercises, the muscles will re-build to the point of "holding" the coccyx in the correct position. We'll see.....??????


Updated 2001-07-01

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