Daughter had years of pain - any experienced doctors in Florida?

LaVelle McCallister - nolemerc@aol.com

I have a daughter that is 14 years old and has been through several years of tailbone pain. Within the past few months we have been seeing an Orthopedic Surgeon at Shands Hospital in Gainesville Florida. Next week we will undergo one injection to see if it can offer any pain relief. My daughter, Cecilia, feels that it is a waste of time, but is eager to try anything to relieve the pain.

The surgeon informed us that he would not be able to do a coccygectomy on Cecilia and that Shands wouldn't be able to perform this procedure. I am now worried about finding a facility in Florida that has experience in this type of procedure and if they will except our HMO insurance. If anyone has any ideas of an experienced Dr. in Florida, please email me back, I would love to hear from you.

Thank you,

LaVelle McCallister

Updated 2001-04-28

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