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Sue -

I developed pain in my coccyx Jan. 2000 (so have been battling this for more than 14 months now) and like others, have undergone several treatment options. I did not injure myself and don't know why or how the heck this developed. I first tried ibuprofen for a month--several per day per my physician--that did nothing. From there she put me on a prescription anti-inflammatory drug-- that also did nothing.

From there, my physician sent me to physical therapy. The therapist worked with me for 6 weeks--(I am still doing the exercises and stretches she showed me) and got no relief. Back to my physician for an x-ray. The x-ray showed no fractures etc. From there I was referred to an Orthopedic physician. He gave me an injection of cortisone and another anti-inflammatory prescription drug (this was April 2000). I got great relief for 2-3 months and you guessed it, the pain returned. I put up with the pain for several months and then sought chiropractic treatment. I recently finished up with that and no positive results.

Last week (March 30, 2001) I headed back to the Orthopedic doctor in hopes of getting another injection. He discouraged giving me another one and instead recommended the surgery. He has only performed a handful (which makes me very nervous) and also said it sometimes doesn't work. He also informed me that the healing process is anywhere from 3 weeks to several months. From reading other's stories, needless to say I am not ready or willing to undergo the surgery. I did talk him into giving me another injection of cortisone before I left the appointment, however, he warned me it may not work as nicely as the first one I received one year prior. He was right-- It's only been one week and I have no relief from this last injection. Now what??

Some seem to have gotten relief from acupuncture or massage therapy. These things I haven't tried yet. Is there a way for me to contact some of these folks who have? Any help you can provide would be much appreciated. I'm at my wits end--summer is coming and I want to ride my bike, canoe, and go to baseball games!

I'm a 47 year old female accountant who needs to sit for long periods at work and am very frustrated. I only have pain when sitting or turning in bed at times. It's the sitting that is driving me nuts! Walking, jogging or other forms of exercise (if not sitting) are all great.

Updated 2001-04-04

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