Car accident to blame?


This website has given me new hope. In January 2001 I was in a car accident. I experienced whiplash and hip pain. After months of physical therapy and now 9 months later chiropractic, I still have excruciating pain in my tailbone.

About 4 months after the accident I had my first "flare up." My husband and two children (1year. and 2 & half) drove to Sea World. That weekend I experienced what would become an all too familiar pain everytime I tried to get up from sitting down.

My "flare ups" are so similar and I felt like my symptoms were so consistent that I could not believe no one has said, "I know exactly what you have." Instead it is, "try this, try that, take this medication and rule out all other possibilities."

It wasn't until I stumbled onto your website that I realized I am not overreacting and my pain is very real. Its nice to know what is causing the pain now to find someone who can direct me with which treatment to take. I will update this letter as things "hopefully" improve.

Also, I was in a sledding accident in 1991 which resulted in years of chiropractic for my hip...maybe its related.

Updated 2001-10-14

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