Any suitable surgeons in Florida?

Pam   -

I live in Central Florida and am a member of an HMO*. I've called all the orthopedic surgeons on my plan and none of them do the procedure. I wonder if anyone knows of a qualified orthopedic surgeon in the state of Florida, or even perhaps a general surgeon who might do this surgery?

I have a severely displaced, subluxating coccyx, visibly prominent, which has caused nerve damage down both legs( via EMG testing) The lower lumbar disks are painful, with multiple trigger points in that area, as well as around the sacroiliac joints, into the hips. I work at home (thankfully) as a medical transcription and am required to sit for several hours during the day. I'm in constant pain, despite the use of narcotic analgesics and would like to get this procedure done. My neurologist concurs that this is necessary.

Any help would be appreciated.


*  Note from Jon: Not being in the USA, I didn't know what an HMO is. I looked it up on the web. For anyone else in ignorance, this is what I found:

An HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) is a health plan that is also involved in how your health care is delivered. Managed care refers to health plans coordinating your health care with you and the providers that participate in the health plan. HMOs are the most common type of managed care.

A Medicare HMO is an HMO that has contracted with the federal government under the Medicare+ Choice program to provide health benefits to persons eligible for Medicare that choose to enroll in the HMO, instead of receiving their benefits and care through the traditional fee for service Medicare program.

Updated 2001-07-21

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