I Need Some Relief!!!!

Kay Arthur - express_hockey@email.msn.com

I never thought I could feel such pain!

I fell down my back steps in 1992 and was out of work for about three months, but after the initial injury my pain basically went away. Then in 1998 I had disc surgery and I felt the most horrible pain, worse than I could ever imagine! It starts in my right hip and shoots down my right leg into my right foot. The last time I had the pain my right foot stayed numb for about 1 hour and my leg felt like it was waking up from being asleep. I go to an osteopath regularly and she helps some but sometimes it is AWFUL!!!!!

I had two epidural steroid injections in 1998 and am considering another one and have an appointment with an acupuncture doctor tomorrow. I am glad to know that I'm not the only one who lives with this kind of pain.

Thanks for letting me share.

Kay Arthur

Updated 2001-08-25

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