I have had a tender coccyx all my life

Renee Donalson

I just found this wonderful site, thanks to Jon and am hoping for some answers!

I have had a tender coccyx all my life, I am a 35 year old female. Doing things like sit ups, I would have to lean to one side of my butt cheek coming up, etc. Well the pain has gotten very intense these past few years and now it is intolerable. Sitting on our soft couch, standing up from the sitting position and lying on our soft bed all cause intense pain.

I can feel my coccyx and it is the very tip that hurts the most. I cannot feel any abnormalities and have had an x-ray, cat scan and just had an MRI, they all came back normal :(   I am at my wits end here.

My mother tells me that when I was born, at my six month check up the pediatrician told her that I would probably have pain with my tailbone and may need surgery but she cannot remember for the life of her what he called it. The pediatrician had told my mom that when I got older, that's when the pain would get more intense. Has anyone had these same symptoms and born with it? Even when I am in the shower and I run my washcloth over it, it sends me through the ceiling. On top of my lower back pain from a bulged disc and my right atlas in my neck being out, I am going crazy.

My pcp has me on 40 mg of methadone per day and soma muscle relaxers three times per day and it doesn't even phase my tail bone pain at all... Please help if anyone can give me any information at all... I am reading all I can on this site and hoping to learn more...

Thanks in advance!!!

Renee Donalson

Updated 2001-11-18

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