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Nadia, UK - Update - Diagnosed with tarlov cysts

Natalia, USA - Update -Found a physical therapist who does manual treatment for in the coccyx

Laura, UK - Update - Sayer Clinic Review

Zhanna, USA - Update - Coccyx relief

Katie, UK - Update - Anterior subluxation of the sacrococcygeal joint

Sarah-Jayne, UK - Update - Coccyx Pain

Nicolas, UK - Update - Recovering from years of coccyx pain

Helena - Update - Dr Sarno's approach

Sally, UK - Update - Coccyx removed 17 October 2016, no success with other treatments

Riccardo, Italy - Pelvic pain

Louise, UK - Update - Hypermobile coccyx - infection after operation

Erin, USA - Update - I'm 13 months post-op and all of my tailbone pain is gone

Gwen - Update - Brenda 2003 - Self manipulation positive result

Mitou, UK - Update - The only way I could sleep was on my tummy

Tamara, Tanzania - Update - Coccyx release testimony

Mo, UK - Update - Success! Coccygectomy / coccyx removal surgery in UK

Sue, UK - Update, Internal manipulation is nowhere near as bad as you think

Lauren, France - Update - Surgery after three years of pain and many other treatments

Susan, UK - Update - Sitting slumped started the pain

Ibrahim, Turkey - Update - Pain after surgery when sitting and leaning back

An, Belgium - Update - Coccyx operation

John, USA - Update - One sneeze started it all. Fixed with Brenda's Post - came back - Fixed by reading Dr. Sarno's "Healing Back Pain"

Yvonne, UK - Update - Intense pain around the coccyx

Victoria, UK - Update - Long coccyx calcified and bent back

Sandy, USA - Update - No regrets about coccyxgectomy!

John, USA - Update - Dr. Brian Chan from Seattle

Ann, USA - Update - Nerve block

Helen, UK - Update - Cured after 13 years

Anonymous, USA - Update - My recovery from coccyx pain

Anonymous, UK - Update - How the Sayer Clinic helped my coccyx

Alejandra, Uruguay - Update - PLEASE Consider Trigger Point Syndrome in Coccyx Pain!!

Tracy, Australia - Update - External manual adjustment of coccyx

Sallie, UK - Update - Coccyx removal

Noel, USA - Update - Coccyx surgery

Shirley, UK - Update - I feel human again - 95% of the time I am pain-free

Gill, UK - Update - Huge relief from coccyx manipulation and pelvic physiotherapy with Michael Durtnall

Frances, Ireland - Update - I am in pain every hour of every day

Julie, UK - Update - Pain started with no obvious cause

Anonymous - Your pain may be caused by a spicule (spur on the coccyx)

Sara, USA - Made the trip from Texas to NJ to see a coccyx specialist

Nina, UK and Malta - Injured coccyx during childbirth

Anonymous, Kuwait - Severe tailbone pain

Zwe, South Africa - Discomfort after operation

Dina, USA - Broken coccyx

Vicky, UK - Coccyx pain experience

Mrs. Kulkarni, India - Treatment by Dr. Mubashira

Anonymous, USA - My painful story

Vinodrai, India - Coccydynia pain

Shwetank, India - Side effects of steroid injection on tailbone

Anonymous - Get SEATED X-rays PLEASE!!!

Tara, USA - Remarkable place

Karan, India - Pain around tailbone

Jennie, UK - Update - Coccyx pain for 4 years, now 80/85 percent better

Nikki, USA - Coccyx pain dilemma & almost 8 months pregnant to boot!

Tammie, USA - Worse pain than before after surgery

Kishore, India - Manipulation made the pain worse

Anonymous, USA - Treatment with Michael Durtnall and his team

Anonymous - Fell on ice/pain for a year/a bath made me so much better!!

Anonymous, USA - Accidental, serendipitous disappearance of tailbone pain

Sreevathsa, India - Feedback on tailbone treatment

IMS - Frustrated

Yuan - Daughter experiencing coccyx pain

Troy, Australia - Problem bum

Ed, UK - Coccyx misaligned and fused

Viswa, USA - Vitamin D3

Krazy, Canada - Going Krazy in the Kootenays!

Julie, USA - Cliff diving

Vivian - Sacral dimple and angled coccyx

Meagan, USA - Broken tailbone during childbirth and Tarlov Cyst

Jane, UK - Symptoms began after traumatic childbirth

Sheeba, India - Dr. Sayeda Mubashira

Robyn, Canada - Four years after surgery, pain is suddenly worse

Tracey - I dont wanna live like this anymore

Sandra, UK - My treatment at Sayer Clinic by Dr Michael Durtnall

Rajeshwari, India - Tailbone Treatment with Dr. Mubashira

Elizabeth, Australia - Injured tailbone while pregnant - 2 weeks post op now

Deborah, USA - Broken coccyx

Amal, UK - 70% pain relief in two weeks at Sayer Clinic

Alison, Australia - Pain was really acute going from sitting to standing

Lesley, USA - Recovering from injury to coccyx bone

Luca, Italy - Bike injury

Lou, Australia - My daughterís coccyx story

Chloe, Australia - 90 degree anterior angulation of coccyx

Cara - Self external coccyx adjustment

Yani, USA - Very happy with my surgery

Katie, UK - Chronic pelvic and coccyx pain after childbirth

Anonymous, Australia - I couldnít move, sit or sleep properly. Now Iím a whole new person!

Nicole, USA - Coccyx pain for 5 years

Miriam, The Netherlands - Displaced tailbone

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