Coccyx pain for 4 years, now 80/85 percent better

Jennie, UK -

Posted 2016-07-17

I fell on my coccyx in 2011, the pain was unbearable. I had X-ray and I was told it's normal, then MRI which again showed nothing.

I felt no one could help me, until I search on the net. 2015 I read about Michael Durtnall (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London), I made an appointment to see Michael. The first thing he did was an X Ray. I was dreading the result, thinking it would show that nothing was wrong. When he showed me the result of my X ray my coccyx was dislocated. I felt elated, at last someone who can help me.

Thanks to Michael my coccyx pain is about 80/85 percent better now.

Also Michael makes you feel at ease, I'm so much happier now, all thanks to Michael.


Update, 2017-08-13

My coccyx did improve so much when I received treatment from Michael Durtnall, but I have neuropathy which has caused me to fall several times. I'm now back to square one and in a lot of pain. I'm sure if I hadn't fallen I would still have less pain. I would highly recommend Michael Durtnall.

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