Hypermobile coccyx - infection after operation

Louise, UK - lp77uk@yahoo.com

Posted 2016-11-20

I have had coccyx pain now for 3 years. I had 3 cortisone injections via a physiotherapist at Doncaster DRI. And I have just had my 2nd manipulation under general anaesthetic today at Bassetlaw Hospital by Mr Pandie.

The first manipulation worked for 3 weeks, I had it done on the 23rd September 2016. I was sore for about a week afterwards and then I was able to carry out normal things like sitting with my vision and going to the loo (This prior was the most stressful painful thing ever, I used to have bowel movement through gritted teeth)

Anyway I was doing well 2 weeks into my manipulation, then on my daughters 16th birthday, I got up out of bed, made my way to the toilet and went to sit down. My coccyx moved , clicked cracked whatever you call it and the pain was through the roof!!! 10/10

I was so bad and I am not exaggerating here I went to A & E where I spent the next 11 days on a ward being fed drugs: Oralmorphine, Ibrophphine, Paracetamol and targinact. Then so many laxative drugs as my body had gone into retention due to the stress of my last bowel movement.

I managed to get discharged and have spent a couple of weeks in bed laying on my side as simple tasks like sitting standing were causing me pain through my coccyx and hips. My hips ache so bad I cry.

Anyway after Mr Pandie returned from his holiday, no one else would see me as they were not specialists in this field, he booked me in for today's manipulation in the hope this will do better.

The date today is 17th November 2016. I have been home now 8 hours, pain 8/10. I am writing my story as I have been comforted by others and I am a female going through this which I'm told is slightly different to a male, with the way our Pelvises are.

Today's I have had MRI scan X-ray all showing a long hypermobile coccyx bending at a 90 degree forward angle.

Drugs I'm on at the minute are targinact and paracetamol. I'm allergic to codeine and tramadol so can't have those

I'm also a triathlete so recovering from this and getting back on my bike is vital to me and my sanity :0(

Happy to answer questions. I will keep you all posted.

Update, 2016-12-18

I'm scheduled to have my coccyx removed after the 2nd manipulation failed to offer any relief. My surgery is scheduled for the 21st December. I shall write a diary on my recovery.

Update, 2017-01-01

Day 1 after surgery, 22nd Dec. I'm sore, nothing more than I expected really. Uncomfortable on back but not unbearable. Laying on sides is ok. Stomach favoured position. 9 hours after operation I walk to have first wee - a success even though it took ages for wee to come out and then in dribbles. Have another 3 in hospital before I'm discharged home 24 hours after operation. Journey home was fine too, laid on my side for the 30 minute journey got home and went to bed as I felt exhausted.

23rd: Laying on back today, sore but bearable, watched a whole film in this position. Walking around ok it feels tight at operation spot where my dressing is. Drinking plenty, taking targinact and ibuprofen

24th Dec: same as day before no issues.

25th merry Christmas I got up with daughter, opened pressies stayed up all day. Even sat on my cushion for first time leaning on elbows managed to eat my dinner at the table first time I have sat in months yeyyyy.

Evening I have the urge for a poo. This feeling is awful. I go to the toilet at 10 pm at midnight I'm in a state the stool is stuck half way not in not out. It's rock solid whole passage has gone into spasm and I am at a loss what to do. The pain is excruciating. My husband bless him pops on his gloves and helps free trapped solid matter. This is not pleasant, painful but necessary. This takes a further hour and a half. Eventually at 4 am I give poo birth to 7 rock solid stools bigger than my poor back passage was ever meant to handle. With it I have also produced some nice piles!! Cleaned up anticipatic sprayed dressings in fact I sleep for a solid 11 hours and wake half way through Boxing Day.

Boxing Day evening my stools are loose and I'm nursing my poorly piles but a lot more comfortable. Still able to sit I only push my luck 20 mins at a time but I'm happy with that.

27th: Boy I'm sore today, tired and cranky. For the ladies: This whole week I have been on my period which started on the 23rd tbh it hasn't bothered me at all and using Tampax is no different. I use the spray and keeping everything clean is important. I'm tired and hips on both sides really ache from laying on them. I must add I'm a size 10 and 6 ft so not carrying any extra weight. It's just having to give my wound a rest means the pressure builds elsewhere. Another point to note is my feet are swelling and my belly is huge and bloated so I need to get up more which is easier said than done today as I am so so tired. And my elbow hurts from propping my body weight on it. All fairly minor and manageable but discomfort is discomfort.

New Year's Eve I went for a walk today. Sore but not unmanageable and managed to sit leaning on my side left bum cheek for an hour. I can sit central for about 15 minutes all progress. No issues with the wound and no issues using the toilet

Only on targinact now not sure if I really need it or not but it's still early days so I'll carry on. Wound check scheduled and meeting with surgeon for the 3rd Jan.

Update, 2017-01-15

At day 17-19 I was back to square one, intense pain, agony, in fact can't move can't stand and can't walk. Feel unwell. Even with targinact and oramorphine still feel high levels of pain.

I was rushed by ambulance and had an operation. I had a huge burst abscess with blood poisoning, basically I am lucky to be here.

I have caught Enterococci Ecoli Pyaemia. With my abscess and looking at a hospital stay of 6 weeks. 3rd clean out and still haven't been for a poo for 13 days so will look at that my body has gone into retention since the abscess formed.

Original coccyx surgery was on the 21st December so I'm now 25 days post surgery but in an even worse state right now. Pain at a 10. 30g targinact, hourly morphine, more antibiotics than you can shake a stick at.

My symptoms developed at day 17 after operation. Cold sweats - to note I did NOT have an outside temperature, this did not appear until day 22 which would have been too late!

Pain at the site so severe I could not bear my wound or any part of my body being touched I cannot stress to you the pain here I see level 10 used I used it to describe turning over in bed after my surgery. This is different this is a level 10!! Screaming passing out kind of pain loss of vision. I did go to A&E because I didn't have a temp they sent me home with oramorph.

I called or indeed my husband called surgeon next day who admitted me and rushed me straight to theatre where the abscess was found and 4.5 hour clean out began this has been repeated now 3 times. If I had not gone I would have developed full organ shut down.

Pain still up there but managed here in hospital. I have jaundice due to my organs and the septic something they are going to work on on Monday

To note this is a vary RARE complication please do not overly worry about this. I'm still glad I have had it done as I had no life prior. Added and it's important I'm still smiling and in good spirits, great friends, great support.

Update, 2017-02-26

So I am 6 weeks post op from my last operation (infection abscess) and 9 from my original coccyx removal. But really only 6 weeks as it was opened up another 3 times.

Well I can sit for hours and yesterday I managed a 10 min run, very gentle. Today I'm sore for first time in 10 days so I will go steady for a few days .

I even pulled my coccyx cushion out again, but I am so positive and amazed at how well I am moving forward after all the trouble I had in the beginning.

Reading others stories makes me appreciate 6 weeks is no time at all and I need to try and slow down a bit.

Promise myself. I trying to run for another month may just try swimming instead. Will update again in a month.

Update, 2018-03-018

In March 2017 I started running and biking again and competed in my first triathlon in April 2017. I have gone from strength to strength I had very slight pain until about August 2017 and then it just stopped hurting I am now pain free and training for an Ironman.

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