Your pain may be caused by a spicule (spur on the coccyx)


Posted 2016-12-20

I'm very frustrated. I spent a long time searching for an experienced therapist for my coccyx pain. I had an MRI done, and I took it to a chiropractor, but he didn't look at it, and took his own x-ray instead. I had manipulation every day for weeks because time was limited.

This didn't cure the pain. Within a few months, my pain was getting worse, with weird sensations in my genital area. I then went to Dr Maigne who examined me and looked at my MRI, and found I had a spur at the tip of the coccyx, which showed up on the MRI!

Dr Maigne has found that 14% of coccydynia patients have a spicule. The success rate for surgery for a spicule is 90%. But my pain then became worse, with severe burning pain from my genitals to rectum. It was pudendal neuralgia. Because of this, I was no longer considered a good candidate for surgery for the spicule.

I had the wrong treatment because the spicule was not identified early, and I ended up with pudendal neuralgia, and now I'm in an awful situation.

Please make sure that your specialist considers the possibility of a spicule. Many of them don't know about it, because it was only discovered recently. It is not visible on x-rays, unless they are very high quality, but can be seen on MRI images.

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