Coccyx surgery

Noel, USA

Posted 2016-08-28

I recently had my Coccyx removed after 2.5 years of severe pain. I used to be an avid cyclist until I was hit by a car in 2011. I had no pain then, but shortly after having a baby in 2013 it began to hurt.

For years I have done manual manipulation, steroid injections (3x), acupuncture. You name it I've done it. I was lucky enough to finally find a surgeon willing to take a look! He had only participated in 3 removals during his residency which was 7 years ago! Him along with another trauma surgeon took me into surgery on August 5th. My coccyx at that point was pressing against my colon. When they opened me up they soon realized that my coccyx was completely detached and removed all 3 segments. I was stitched up on the inside and they only glued the incision because it had come together so nicely they said.

I am elated to report 9 days after surgery I went back to work and I just rotate sitting. I am able to drive and now at 20 days post surgery I have resumed all normal activity. I still do have some pain but I believe its internal surgical pain which gets better every day!

I just wanted to share my success story because I myself had so many worries going into this. I was complication-free and I am confident I will be pain free soon!

Update, 2017-09-03

I am happy to say that today I am 90% free of pain. Best decision I ever made!

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