Coccyx release testimony

Tamara, Tanzania

Posted 2016-07-02

I injured my coccyx in a bus incident a few years ago. From time to time I would have terrible pain. My husband who is a massage therapist found your website and tried the external manipulation on me (see Brenda's story). I bend over, he puts to fingers on my coccyx and pulls/holds while I slowly and a bit painfully sit up. It give me GREAT relief for months. From time to time I get another spasm, but he has probably only had to give me the treatment five times in the last few years.

It has been such a help. Thank you for posting it!

Posted 2018-01-28

My husband had to give me a few treatments now and then, but I havenít had a treatment in a very, very long time. I donít even know the last time I had the coccyx pain. I donít think it will come up again, but if for any reason it does, we know what to do!

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