I dont wanna live like this anymore

Tracey - tjkilley@gmail.com

Posted 2016-04-10

Hi. I don't know where to start really. Since I was pregnant with my first child 26 years ago I've had popping in the tail bone area and right butt cheek, right hip, right thigh, right leg, right foot .

7 years ago I was painting my home. When it pops sometimes I knew when I was gonna go sometimes instant. My reaction to this of course was scream out in pain, wait to see if I could move. I'd limp for few days or weeks then it would pop again back to normal - well not normal obviously, scares the hell out of me, still does more now in fact.

My first MRI scan showed l4 and l5 disc pushing downwards. I'm very claustrophobic, really bad so this really annoys me. They need to put me to sleep and have a clear MRI. Now I'm left with pain management, that's it and 3 awful injections cortisone injections. Which I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

Anyway, here I am 7 years later I've been told its sciatica and coxisdynia . When I started to lose feeling all over my right side I started to worry, told doctor. Straight over their heads, they ignore me, they don't examine me nothing.

I've taken myself to AE 3 times in the past 6 months due to pain and my ankles and feet tripled in size. Now I would think that the docs would be concerned by now, but that's only me.

I'm 44 this year but I live like a much older. I have no feeling in much of my side I've got cellulite on the back of that leg where the muscle is deteriorating. I don't have a life due to this, I really really don't know what to do anymore, the pain is unbearable.

More than ever I cry rocking myself to sleep every night I don't wanna live like this anymore. Hopefully 1 day the doctors will wake up and help me. This is my story about living in pain day and night.

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