Brenda 2003 - Self manipulation positive result


Posted 2016-11-20

This has been a life changer for me! I have had back problems since 1996 when I fractured the facet joint between L3 and L4. I have done lots of different treatments over the years etc. However about 3 years ago I started to have a pain in my left hip joint. NOTHING was working to relieve it. Could not find anything on any xray/CT/MRI etc. Frustrating but since I could not find the source of the pain, it just was what it was. I have been on pain medication on and off through the years for my back but they did not work on this pain. I thought perhaps since the injury I had 20 years ago had become increasingly worse that it may have just been a referred pain similar to sciatica symptom. This was, at best, just a guess since there was not an obvious anatomical connections. No medications, injections, nerve blocks, PT, Yoga, Acupuncture, Massage, Chiropractic or any other treatments relieved the hip pain (or back pain for that matter).

Fast forward had back surgery to stabilize the fracture in April this year. Recovery was great and everything is good at 6 months out. The pain in my hip had gone away so yay! However about 4 weeks ago I fell on my tailbone area and, of course, it hurt. Just felt bruised and a bit sore, but no big deal. After about a week and a half my hip pain returned. I was so terribly upset that even after the surgery and everything that this pain had come back and I still had no idea how to fix it.

I got online at work to research tailbone injury, find Brenda's post and try the manipulation in my office just to see. What did I have to lose? I tried it just once and when I went to stretch my low back, there was a resounding "thud" in my tailbone area on my left side.

**It immediately and completely relieved the hip pain I had been having for years**

I was in shock I just sat there frozen in my chair for about 5 minutes waiting to see if the pain would come back. It did not. Yesterday I could feel some of the pain returning, so I used the manipulation method again same result (less of a thud, but just a movement).

I NEVER would have guessed that this was the problem and it had never been suggested by any health care provider. As much as falling freaked me out (having had surgery and all) who knows if I would have found this relief if I hadn't had that fall. Silver linings, right? My back pain is gone thanks to surgery and my hip pain is gone because of this post.

Anyhow I am SO so so very grateful for this post and this website. Literally a life changer for me.

Update, 2018-02-11

This technique has been so amazing for me!! Since initially trying it, I used it a couple more times when the pain started feel like it was going into my hip again and it completely alleviated it.

Thankfully the additional times I had the beginning of the hip pain/used the technique it was not as dramatic of an effect. That meaning that once I had first done this - it really feels like it was a "hard reset" and I just had to do a couple more small adjustments over the next year. This makes me happy because it isn't something that I have to keep doing on a regular basis to maintain being pain free.

I would say I only had to try this 2 times after the initial result. I am still incredibly grateful for finding this information!!!

While I don't know anyone else who has experienced the same pain that I have or has a need to try this - it has still been really great to share this with people. Who knows when it might be helpful to someone else.

I feel that if anyone is experiencing tailbone associated pain that they should at least try this. It is such a minimal thing to do and but it completely changed my life.

(A side note that isn't necessarily related to the tailbone is that part of my initial review was about having back surgery. The surgery has still been such a success 2 years in, yay!)

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