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Ann, USA -

Oh I want to cry right now!!! I have had constant tailbone pain since the birth of my son 12 years ago. Twelve long excruciatingly painful years. I have gone through chiropractors, physical therapies, neurologists, MRI's, Xrays, etc - I've even had doctors tell me it was all in my head - that's always my favorite.

Last year I found some relief from ganglion block injections. Not permanent but some relief.

These past few weeks have been the worst where I finally understand why and how someone would think suicide would be an answer. I WOULD NEVER DO THIS but I understand the feeling of giving up and wanting the pain to stop.

Until I read Brenda's post about the manual manipulation. I was at work and figured I had nothing to lose. My tailbone pain has been particularly raw lately and I thought I couldn't make it any worse.

I was right. I made it better!!!! Immediately after Brenda's treatment I had halved the pain!! HALF THE PAIN WITH ONE TREATMENT!!

I can't even imagine how much more improvement I can make if I continue down this path.


Updated 2017-10-01

Unfortunately the manual manipulation only lasted a day or so and I was back to my regularly scheduled daily amounts of pain. I was at my breaking point until I read about Radio Frequency Ablation, RFA [a type of nerve block]. Fortunately I have a wonderful spine doctor here in Hyannis (Dr Sakai, see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Massachusetts) who not only listens but truly cares about treating my pain. While he was familiar with the procedure, he had not performed it in the Hyannis location. He has other locations near Boston.

He worked with my insurance company to have the procedure approved and I had it done on September 13th. My blood pressure going into the procedure was 180/115 which tells you how significant the pain was. It was 10/10. And that is what I was dealing with daily. I couldn't sleep at night. I was suffering terribly. After the procedure (which was about 20 minutes) my blood pressure was 120/70. I had NO pain. I knew better than to get excited, though. There is a nerve block that will wear off. So for the next hour I sat on everything I had. Hard spots, soft spots, floors, chairs, countertops. I was so amazed that I could just sit without pain.

What you have to remember about RFA is that it is not an immediate fix. Yes, you are burning and destroying the nerves BUT they will flare up and get even more angry than before while they are dying. This is what happened to me around day 3. I didn't get discouraged because I expected it. I was told that it could take between 2-4 weeks for the nerve to die.

Today I am exactly at 2 weeks and I woke up with some pain, probably around a level 5. It is now 5pm and I have NO FREAKING PAIN! NONE. I have tried for the past hour to recreate any pain.


To say I want to cry is an understatement. NO PAIN. I can't believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While this is not a permanent fix it is definitely a major improvement and at some point I will need to have the process repeated, but not as often as the ganglion impar injections.

I will report back with an update but right now I am just so THRILLED!

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