Problem bum

Troy, Australia -

Posted 2016-05-22

I broke my tailbone when I was 19 capsized my sailing boat and landed on a rope cleat. Took about a month or so to come good but did not have any problems with it again until March 2015 (24 years later).

I did not injure it again it just started hurting when I was sitting down one day reading the paper. I than noticed it hurting sitting up in bed. I have a desk job so it was also hurting at work. The below points are what I have done for it over the last 14 months.

Visited my doctor who prescribed anti inflammatories. Did not help.

Tried physio, chiropractor, myopractor and acupuncture none of them made a difference.

Had a CT scan, an x-ray and bone scan nothing was evident.

Was referred to a musculoskeletal specialist. Was sent for cortisone injection into the area made no difference. Was prescribed Alegron suffered all of the side effects but no difference to the pain. Sent for anther cortisone injection again no relief.

Back to my doctor and was referred to a different musculoskeletal specialist who did local injections into pressure points over a number of weeks no difference. Prescribed Endep again all of the side effects but no relief.

The frustrating thing is I am quite fit and I run and windsurf quite a lot and neither produce any pain. Only when I sit.

I purchased a coccyx relief pillow early on for sitting at work which helps and allows me to work but it does transfer the pain from the tailbone to the bum cheeks. When I am at home I lie down with a pillow under my upper hamstrings to take pressure off of my tailbone. I still get pain in the tail but not as bad as sitting down. I have been getting pain in other areas from laying down and I can't lay for long periods on my shoulders due other injuries when I was young and stupid.

Back to my doctor who referred me to a spinal surgeon. Took 2 months to get in to see him but when I did he was amazed at my story. He sent me for a Dynamic x-ray that day and got back in to see him straight after. The Dynamic x-ray showed that my coccyx moved quite a bit between the standing and sitting positions. He has recommended surgery and the removal of the coccyx. This was last week.

I have been reading all of the stories on the site and I am in 15 different minds on what to do. I know I need to do something but I think I will really struggle during the recuperation period particularly if it went on for a long period. And what if the surgery actually made it worse. It is hard enough putting up with it now.

So I have quite a bit of thinking to do.



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