Posted 2016-06-19

Back in February was on a road trip and the coccyx pain was so bad I could barely get out of the vehicle and walk. Well, haven't had issues with it again till last week. I have coccyx pain again at times can hardly stand, keeps me awake, also have left leg pain and lower back pain. I can't get comfortable to save myself.

A couple things about me... I was told 10 years agoish that I had a slight bulging disk in my lower back and also I have fatty cysts from about my waist down and not far from my spine. I have 1 that's about a golf ball size that feels like it's in the muscle not the surface. When pushing on a couple of them it hurts.

Well my Dr is on vacation this week so I saw some other Dr. I thought for sure he would order some sort of imaging to see what could be going on. NOPE... he gives me a muscle relaxer saying taking these that all will be fine?!? I asked him if tight muscles in my back causes coccyx pain and his reply was not really.. Mind you I've had tight muscles in my back and never has the pain gone South!

I've read where cyst could push against a nerve causing such pain as well as disk issues.

I'm getting ready to take a pain pill because everything hurts... Should I be satisfied with this outcome or get a second opinion?

Thank you for your time and advice.

Recap... Coccyx pain, left leg pain, lower back pain

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