Broken coccyx

Deborah, USA -

Posted 2016-04-03

My name is Deborah Smith. I'm 28. I live in Mountain Home, Arkansas. I'm new at all this, but I'm trying to find help. In November 2014, I fell at work. It was excruciating pain. I read a lot of stories where people don't realize it's broken and I just cannot imagine that. I rushed straight to emergency room. X-ray came back quickly. I had the worst tailbone break they'd seen. Gave me hydrocodone and told me to follow up with my doctor. Keep in mind I couldn't walk at all. Waddle would be a closer word when I could bare to move. A week later I went to my primary care physician at the time. She was only a nurse practitioner but she was the only person who would ever listen to me. So she recommended me to one of my old doctors so I could get pain medication since she's couldn't prescribe me anything. The other Dr prescribed me flexiril! A muscle relaxant. This was almost funny if I wasn't in so much pain. As I stand in her office because I couldn't handle sitting and hugging my donut pillow. I cried like a baby leaving that office. So I went back to my nurse practitioner and told her what happened. She referred me to pain management and gave me Tylenol 3. That was the strongest she could legally give me. I waited to get into pain management for a month. When I finally got my appointment they said it was completely broken off 3 centimeters up. Gave an anti inflammatory and hydrocodone. In January 2015, I was t-boned and it totaled my car. I was lucky though only broke my pinky and beat up bad in the face with airbags.

I thought.

A couple months later, the pain clinic gave me steroids injections in the tailbone and lower lumbar on my right side. While performing it they noticed my tailbone was now in the wrong position and turned in at a 90 degree angle. I didn't react well to the injections. It was extremely painful when they went into the tailbone. It helped my lower back for a few days but my legs would go numb a lot now. So, we didn't continue with anymore of those. As the months passed my pain increased and my medication increased but no treatments were ever even brought up.

After the accident I had a lot if issues with the muscles in my neck. I was prescribed muscle relaxers. MRI was done on my neck degenerative disc disease, severe muscle spasms and my neck was straightening. I repeatedly asked for MRI on my tailbone and lower back. Insurance never approved. Went through two rounds of physical therapy. Got kicked out both times for regressing. The physical therapist wanted to make sure I was stable and asked for a follow up x-ray. Pain management said it was unnecessary.

When I continued my complaints they went for the catch-all, and diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. I was then prescribed gabapentin. At this point I was on 16 pills a day. With no treatment in site.

After a year my insurance had an issue somehow and it canceled abruptly and I wouldn't get it back for 3 weeks. When I called to let the clinic know I needed to reschedule my appointment till my insurance was active. I was told that if I didn't make my appointment they would fire me. I needed to pay out of pocket over $200 three days before Christmas. I wasn't able to and lost my doctor and all my medication.

My "treatment" with the pain management included no follow up x-rays, no MRIs, no treatment, one set of shots that backfired, two bouts of regressing physical therapy, and pain medication constantly being upped dosage before they fired me for not being able to pay out of pocket. Withdrawal was excruciating.

At this point I wanted to give up. My husband and 3 small children need me though. I keep pushing myself. I have recently went back to nurse practitioner for other issues. Down to 93 lbs, sleeping all the time, constant pain in my pelvis and abdomen. My uterus is enlarged so it will probably be removed. When I make it past this problem my tailbone needs to be addressed. I need help. Its becoming harder and harder to get up and do anything. Severe constant pain. I just want 3 good days in a row. That would be amazing. I've lost every job since my fall. I have a couple good days then several bad. Some days it's too hard to push on. I think I need it removed. The doctors here are horrible I don't know what to do. Close to giving up this fight.

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