How the Sayer Clinic helped my coccyx

Anonymous, UK

Posted 2016-04-10

I am a lady in her fifties and I live in the South East of England. I am writing this review to give hope and encouragement to anyone suffering with a painful coccyx. I injured my lower back and coccyx in January 2014, I don't know what caused the injury, maybe moving heavy furniture indoors or moving large flower pots in the garden. I was experiencing pain in the coccyx area for sometime but I did not realise what was wrong. Then all of a sudden I could hardly move my back and the pain was unbearable. I should have gone to A&E but decided to see my GP instead. He examined me but could not diagnose the problem, he prescribed painkillers and exercises to do at home. The Paracetamol did nothing for the pain and I could barely move let alone do exercises!

I contacted Surrey Physio and privately seen a Physiotherapist, he diagnosed two slipped discs in the lower back and secondary pain into the legs. I went through a twelve week course doing exercises at home and with his care and advise my back gradually got better. I still complained of a painful coccyx but the Physiotherapist said I needed specialist treatment and he could do no more for me.

I was referred back to my GP who sent me for an x-ray, the result was normal so he referred me to an NHS Physiotherapist. I was put on an 18 week waiting list and requested to attend Back School at the local hospital, needless to say, it was a waste of time. During this time I also had an MRI scan but once again nothing showed up.

In the meantime I was still in agony and getting worse. I could not sit down for any length of time, it was like sitting on a spike or tip of a knife, the worst pain imaginable. When sitting, the muscles in my buttocks would go numb and lifeless, loosing all power to get up. My mum had to help me get up from a chair and walk me around to get mobile again. She also had to help me put clothes on and off and even assist me in the bathroom.

I also suffer with severe anxiety and having to endure such dreadful pain was making me depressed and more anxious. I must have bought every kind of coccyx seat on the Internet, they were either too soft or too hard and there seemed no way to ever get comfortable again.

I was eventually called to see the NHS Physiotherapist but she soon discovered she could not help me and we spent the time doing Mindful exercises. I searched the Internet to find help and came across this web site which lead me to the Sayer Clinic in Kensington, London (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London).

My first visit was in September 2014 and I felt extremely nervous but as soon as I met Dr. Michael Durtnall a load was lifted from my shoulders. He took several x-rays then discussed the problem in detail. Michael started giving internal and external manipulation treatment and advised home exercises. After some weeks he advised I combine his treatment with massage which I have on a regular basis and the two really do help. Michael is a lovely man, very professional but easy to talk to. He is kind and understanding, even with anxiety problems, he also has a great sense of humour which helps when you feel worried. Olga, who is a masseur is also lovely and understanding and also offers good advise.

I am still attending the Sayer Clinic and are about 85% better, I am greatly improved and can sit for longer without pain. If I did not have anxiety problems and could lead an active out door life, I would be completely better now but I do all Michael advises and use a manual walker at home which really helps. I can not recommend the Sayer Clinic enough, they are a wonderful team.

Update, 2017-09-24

About a year ago I posted a review regarding the story of my injured coccyx and the progress I made. Not much has changed in the last year, I am still attending the Sayer Clinic in London but not as often. I am about 90% improved, although it fluctuates depending on what physical work I do. I can sit more comfortably now and seldom have to bring my coccyx cushion with me when I go out.

I still need treatment about once a month but I hope this will be reduced in the near future. Dr Michael Durtnall is still hopeful he will get me 100% better. With his help and lots of exercises I am hopeful too.

Update, 2019-07-28

Since my last review in 2017, the condition of my coccyx has improved from 90% to 96% with the wonderful treatment I receive from Dr Michael Durtnall and his team at the Sayer Clinic in Kensington, London. The combined treatments from Dr Michael and massage and acupuncture from Olga Andrès-Mareno, has helped me enormously.

I only have to go for treatment about every three-four months and can manage the situation with ongoing exercises at home. It still hurts if I sit too long on a hard or soft chair but I usually use a coccyx cushion. I doubt it will ever be 100% but it is greatly improved compared to what it was in the beginning.

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