90 degree anterior angulation of coccyx

Chloe, Australia - chloegear1@gmail.com

Posted 2016-02-14

I am a 15 year old female from Australia. In July of 2014, I sustained an injury to my coccyx after falling off a gym ball directly onto my tailbone. An X-ray revealed that the distal coccyx was at a 90 degree anterior angulation on the 1st segment. I believe the fall off the gym ball is what caused this injury, though I'm not quite sure. I'm fairly skinny and petite and I feel that with my lack of 'cushioning' around this area, it wasn't so hard for me to knock it out of place.

For me, I mainly experience discomfort, my 'pain' persists in the form of dull aches and throbbing. Sometimes I feel sharp pains, other times the muscles surrounding the bone either feel loose or tight. It's a hard thing to explain. When I do experience these pains, they usually last for a short period of time, I call them a flare up.

It's been two years since and in that time I've learnt the ways to put up with the discomfort each day. Very often I find myself shifting from one butt cheek to another, occasionally I will even lean forward, this relieves the pressure off the coccyx. Sometimes I slouch my back against the seat to feel like a normal person again, though this doesn't last for long. Isn't it strange how the solid, hard chairs, can sometimes be the comfiest? The soft cushioned sofas and seats just don't work for me. I can't even fall asleep on my back anymore. I easily get discouraged just thinking about it, especially to know that there's only so much you can do about this weird area. At such a young age, I wonder if I'll have to put up with this for the rest of my life. When I'm older I hope to consider surgery, but for now I'll just stick to my donut cushions and ibuprofen.

I'm quite an athletic person and I enjoy my sport. I love to play soccer but I find the fast movements and the running seem to agitate my tailbone, walking around after the game kind of feels like my tailbone is loose? During that 'time of the month' my coccyx is also such a nuisance! It feels so tight?! I feel that's probably to do with the menstruation process happening so close to the tailbone. Another issue I have is hard stools, I know I'm not the only one here. But that's just the worst!! Also when I bend down to search in the cabinets for containers I feel this burst of sharp pain in the coccyx area which happens when I go from the bending to standing position. At my work I carry heavy boxes of fruit where this also occurs. I catch the school bus, to and from school each day, the bus is probably 45 minutes and this prolong period of sitting is so uncomfortable, not to mention that dull ache! Sitting at my school desk isn't so bad actually, I feel with me leaning over the desk to write puts the pressure off of my coccyx, so I'm thankful for that. Now plane flights, where do I even begin to explain the amount of pain flying brings. On a long teary plane flight to Japan and back, I faced HELL. That agony, the seats, my tailbone, the nine whole HOURS, the worst time of my life. A whole week before the actual trip and all I could think about was the long, miserable plane trip. I get extremely depressed and disheartened over this, it's my dream to travel the world and I don't want to let my coccyx drag me down and stop doing those things I love in life because of it. After arriving in Japan we faced a 5 hour bus trip to the actual destination, OH MY GOSH, can it get any worse? Even though I did carry my big, fat coccyx cushion all the way, it did absolutely NOTHING! Nothing would take away this torture burning deep inside my ass! I found the best way to tackle this and limit the pain was to lean forward and rest my head on the dinner tray attached to the seat in front of me. Other than the traveling involved in this trip, my time over there was UNREAL, snow like you wouldn't believe. These are just a few of the major situations where I commonly experience the flare ups.

I'm very concerned about the future, when I'm older and want children, how am I supposed to cope with that weight bearing down onto the tailbone? What if somebody gets the surgery before actually having children, what if somehow the labour agitates that same pain again, there's no tailbone left? So what's there to mend? I just pray that my discomfort and pain doesn't get any more unbearable than it already it. I've heard that the more time you have pain, the less likely the surgery will have a success rate because when the coccyx is damaged and its more mobile than it should be, it starts damaging the nerves and muscles of the area?? I know that I'm too young for surgery, but would the surgery at a young age be more efficient and boost the healing process, because kids heal quicker than adults right? It's something so unusual, uncommon, there's not many people out there that will understand. That is why I love this website so much.

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