Pain after surgery when sitting and leaning back

Ibrahim, Turkey -

Posted 2016-09-18

I had my coccyx removed last year after two years which were very bad. I hadn't fallen down, the pain began suddenly. I am student and I live in a dormitory, so I had to study in the library or Starbucks.

After 6 months of my pain starting I had a cortisone injection. It gave me 5 months pain relief, after that pain returned more than in the past. Then I had manipulation which gave me 2 months with no pain, but didn't cure me. Then I went to a doctor who pulled my coccyx very hard and for 5 months I had an unbelievable pain.

I had my coccyx removed by Prof. dr. Kemal Yücesoy in Izmir (see Doctors and specialists in Turkey). The surgery wasn't a total coccygectomy, 3 of 4 pieces of my coccyx were removed. I couldn't do my internship at VESTEL (one of the megafactories in Turkey) because of the pain afterwards.

I still have pain, but I can't compare before the surgery. Something gives me discomfort after the surgery. I can lean forward or sit straight but I can't lean back in a sitting position. What can I do in this situation? I took a MRI recently. In this area I have a lot of inflammation.

An orthopaedic surgeon has suggested I should have a cortisone injection again.

Updated 2017-12-03

It is now two and a half years after the operation. My pain is depends on the kind of chair I sit on. If it touches the last segment of my coccyx I feel pain. If it doesn't, there's no pain. Actually I regret having my coccyx removed.

I tried to make a coccyx chair in Turkey, but I cant find enough investment and the government didn't support me. I am industrial engineer and I have difficulty about sitting all day at work. Now I try to create a business about educating. I am young, I am 26 years old and I try to save my life from this disgusting pain.

I went an orthopedist after the operation. Two of them wanted to remove last segment of my coccyx. But I didn't believe them. I try to negotiate with my pain.

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