Coccyx pain dilemma & almost 8 months pregnant to boot!

Nikki, USA -

Posted 2016-07-25

I live in Michigan, USA, close to Ann Arbor.

I used to be a avid road bike cyclist. Loved cycling but I admit I am a bit of a klutz. I have fallen multiple times but have also hit many pot holes as well. But never really pinpointed an exact moment when an injury could have occurred. Over a year ago, I noticed I started to get a lot of pain in my tail bone. I couldn't lay flat the pain was so extreme. Getting up from sitting position and sitting down was painful. Even if I leaned against a low table with my butt, the pain happened. Even other activities... pain would occur. I usually don't like to go to the doctors and try to let things heal on their own. So after weeks and weeks, I went to the doctor since things weren't improving. My GP, did basically nothing. Told me well take some pain meds and sit on a donut cushion for a few weeks, if it doesn't go away, then we will see. No bike riding until I was better as well... . After her non caring manner, and telling her it had already been some time. I just didn't want to play the whole doctor game of many appointments and maybe they will do something so I just never went back. I lived with the pain.

Fast forward... 2016 July. I am now over 7 months pregnant, close to 8 really. Very good at tolerating the pain in my tailbone... .but when I started to get bigger my sciatic nerve pain started to come into play. At some points it would get so bad I could barely walk, get up from a laying on my side position etc. If I had forgotten and laid on my back, I have to bend my knees to push up to take pressure off my tail bone, then have my partner help roll me onto my side, which then I would start to scream from the extreme pain in my coccyx and my sciatic. I had to do something. One of the OB's at the clinic, said oh tail bone pain can take a year to heal... I just stared at her... because I have been to and I have done my reading. It's been over a year now... It is not going to go away. She sent me to a physical therapist for the sciatic. Well... .that made it go from one side to the other for the pain and it wasn't really doing anything for me weeks and weeks in. So I stopped going recently. I actually don't feel as bad with sciatic pain after I stopped going... still pain but not increased. Went back, to my regular OB, she said maybe see an osteopathic manipulator, I did. She can't do much due to I'm so far along and could send me into labor. She said I would no be able to have this baby without an epidural because I will be in severe pain. So another appointment, and I ask if I should be concerned, and I need to be able to walk after this baby and sit and be able get up etc. Should I have a c section? Both the OB's that I have seen want to avoid a c section. One OB said, even if I went to see a specialist, she would take what they said with a grain of salt... .and that it would be such a low chance of really anything happening further with my tailbone (In my head: what is wrong with this doctor? A specialist who is trained in spine etc... yet... what they do has no medical merit? Hmm interesting... What is your speciality??.. last time I see you... ). I see a new OB this week at the same practice. To see what their opinion would be and if they have any insight.

Does anyone have any suggestions??? I honestly think something not good is going to happen to my coccyx if I try to have the baby normally. But these OB's seem to really know nothing about the coccyx and are not taking me seriously. It's really becoming frustrating. I deal with pain every day... .and to top it off... the 2 OB's are not really helping much or seem to be interested in what could happen.

I realize I can't do much now, until the baby is born so I can see a specialist. But even finding a specialist is proving to be very difficult! I find the doctors who perform the surgeries from, but the one place said they only do the surgeries and had me call another place that does physical therapy work and see's what's going on... But they didn't take my insurance.

Does any one have an ideas??

Does any one have specialists names I may be able to see in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area?

Anyone pregnant who had an issue made worse by giving vaginal birth??

Any good input would be great!!

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