The only way I could sleep was on my tummy

Mitou -

Posted 2016-12-11

In the month of July, after a long period of convalescence, due to hip issues and not being as active as usual (I am a Pilates instructor), I woke up one morning and was hardly able to walk.

My tailbone was so painful that to sit was almost impossible. I suffered for a few weeks, trying to inform myself via GOOGLE and also not sit unless absolutely necessary.

It became so bad that I could no longer go to the cinema, sit in a restaurant, or sit on trains etc.. Never mind flying. It started to impact almost everything that I did.

Painkillers didn't help and the only way I could sleep was on my tummy... Very difficult for 8 hours. I bought a special pillow to sit on but found it was too soft so I changed to a much firmer coccyx cushion.

After trying a few osteopaths that couldn't help, I found Michael Durtnall at The Sayer Clinic in Kensington, London (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London).

I have now had five treatments with him and also seen one of the Physio therapists that works at the Sayer clinic. I must say, the improvement is huge. I am around 60-70% better. I still have to sit on special pillow, which is fine and very comfortable..

I was informed to continue moving and walking as much as possible, which I now do, and have taken up my exercises again.. I can feel I am almost totally cured... so another few months of sitting correctly, (not leaning back but to sit on the sits bones), using pillow, and walking and exercising, I'll be totally well again. Please see Dr Durtnall if you have coccyx issues. He is your man!!!

Update, 2018-02-04

My coccyx pain is now virtually gone. I hardly ever have any problems. My flight to Bangkok was no problem and we're talking about a 11 hour flight. I never once found that I suffered any pain in my coccyx.

I do however very occasionally if sitting on a very hard chair feel a slight discomfort, but to be honest, it's very rare.

I exercise regularly and stretch and of course walk daily, for about one hour. I do thank Dr Durtnall for being the doctor that sorted it all out when I first had the intense coccyx pain.

All great now though!

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