Sacral dimple and angled coccyx

Vivian -

Posted 2016-05-01

I started feeling some pain in my tailbone around Christmas 2014. I hadn't had any impact or injury, so I didn't think any of it in the beginning. As it got progressively worse, I went to see my doctor, who sent me to get an x-ray. The x-ray came back clear, so she sent me to physiotherapist, thinking it was muscular. He did a number of tests and noted that there was nothing wrong my muscles, apart from the side effects of my awkward sitting positions, resulting from my pain.

He then sent me on to a Sports Medicine Doctor, who had me get an MRI, which identified a fracture. However, it also identified that my coccyx had a 180 degree turn on it, like a little non-visible, but painful, tail. I was most likely born with that, as I think I would remember an impact that made a bone in my body turn 180 degrees. He suggested rest and prescribed Celebrex.

That was a year ago. I went back to my GP two months ago and said that nothing had changed and reminded myself to tell her that I have a sacral dimple, and that I was wondering if this had something to do with it all. I guess that piece of information would have been useful to her earlier on, but hey - I was born with it, and never even consider it. She sent me to a surgeon, who did an ultra sound and a probe (of the dimple to see if there was a sinus...there was none, although there may be some 'leftover stuff' going on). Most likely, the tip of my coccyx shifted a little as a result of the fracture and now my coccyx seem to be touching nerves, because of its unusual positioning.

I am now going in to have the sacral dimple removed by having a Karydakis flap done. During the surgery he is also going to remove the tip of my coccyx and I must say that, as a 46 year old woman, I am not looking forward to this one bit, especially since I live in a tropical climate with lots and lots of humidity, which increases the chance of infection. All I can do is keep my fingers crossed :-)

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