Self external coccyx adjustment


Posted 2016-02-14

I visited your website and followed the self external coccyx adjustment as written by Brenda.

At first it worked and helped relieve the pain. Then I got more greedy and things happened. I used a lot of strength from outside, because mine was hooked severely and I couldn't get to the right point around the tip of the coccyx. The disaster started. I think putting the pressure to the tip of the coccyx caused damage to the nearby nerves. Since then I feel numb around the area, with blood discharge from my anus for several days, several times a day, quite a lot of amount.

And my upper body pain including shoulder and neck increased dramatically till now. It's been 4 months since then. My butt area became numb. I wish I didn't read the article and never tried it myself.

I went to see a chiropractor after that and he used an activator to the hooked part of the coccyx. For instance If the coccyx was hooked 90 degree, at the edge of the hooked part he used an activator aggressively. Then the symptoms got worse again.

Note from Jon Miles: Cara writes that she used 'a lot of strength' in carrying out this adjustment. The outcome was clearly extremely bad. Two other patients who tried this method had increased pain, though the great majority who reported the outcome had relief. This case is a reminder that (a) success is not guaranteed, and there is a possibility of making the situation worse, and (b) that such adjustments should be carried out gently.

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