Long coccyx calcified and bent back

Victoria, UK

Posted 2016-03-13

In 1996 I fell down a flight of concrete steps and broke and misplaced my coccyx, luckily for me at this time I found an Osteopath who manipulated my coccyx back into place and I merrily went about my life. I had 2 children in 2000 and 2002 with no problems.

In 2009 whilst recovering from an operation I made the mistake of sitting in a slumped position for hours and hours and my life changed forever. I began to get pain in my coccyx which progressively got worse, I was in agony. Following numerous GP appointments I was given a cocktail of pain killers and told to use a rubber ring. I saw a private physio who couldn't help, I saw a chiropractor locally who couldn't help, I was refused X-RAYS on the NHS, I paid 100 pounds for private X-RAYS and all the local chiropractor could say was I had an overly long coccyx and the joint I broke in 1996 looked lumpy!

After feeling like I couldn't cope anymore, and was at the depths of depression, I stumbled upon this website and contacted Dr Durtnall at Sayer Clinic (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London).

I went for my first appointment in which X-RAYS confirmed my overly long coccyx was calcified, slightly bent back and it was determined I needed manipulation. Dr Durtnall is such a caring talented man that I would recommend to anyone, he has saved my life.

I commenced treatment in which internal manipulation recognised my coccyx was stiff and simply not bending with me. I went weekly and then fortnightly to have manipulation to get the coccyx moving again. By 2010 I felt 60 to 70% better. I made the decision to end my treatment and see if it settled down alone.

I had weekly acupuncture locally and by 2013 felt pain free, I had to be careful what I sat on, regular exercise and ensured I never slumped on it. I would have occasional bad day but was manageable.

In Jan 2016 I gave birth again and felt my coccyx pop and crack, I was in agony afterwards. My problem was back. 11 days post natal I made the 200 mile round trip to visit DR Durtnall again. It was confirmed my coccyx was bent back again and very stiff.

My journey to recovery starts again, I now feel about 60% better and can only hope I eventually become much better again in time. I cannot thank Sayer clinic and Dr Durtnall enough.

Updated 2017-10-01

My experience again with Dr Durtnall was brilliant, he listened to my story as I cried and told him what had happened. He even remembered me from 2009!! I felt like he was my saviour. On examination Dr Durtnall confirmed that it appeared my coccyx had moved out of place as my baby came through my pelvis but as it was arthritic/calcified it didn't have the mobility to move back into place so was stuck, bent out of position. So we began my treatment again and over the next few months I visited Dr Durtnall again so he could manipulate my coccyx back into position and also keep the joint mobile. I commenced treatment in the January and I think I finished in about the April/May 2016. I again noticed that after each treatment it wasn't getting any more mobile and I felt again I needed to leave it for a few weeks and see what happened. Slowly over time it began to improve.

It is now Sept 2017 and I can say that I feel 95% better again. My life will always revolve around my coccyx, it has made me realise I can't have any more children. I always scan a restaurant when I walk in looking for the most suitable chair. I struggle in the summer if I have to sit on the grass for too long as it becomes sore, however I can go to bed and get up the next day and it is fine again. I will never go ice skating with my kids for fear of falling on my bottom. I will never go on big rides or go on water slides. But that isn't the end of the world. If I sit on a sofa that is too soft it will hurt and I always sit side on when sitting watching TV on the sofa. I guess I just try and keep off my bottom as much as possible to help it stay pain free. However I am happy again and pain free most days, it's more of a niggle or aggravation somedays. I just have had to adapt my life a bit. It could be much worse.

I am again eternally grateful to Dr Durtnall, I dread the day he retires as he has so much knowledge, compassion and skill that no one else I have ever met has ever displayed. It's sad that we cannot teach medicals in the NHS to do what Dr Durtnall does. I was lucky I could afford the treatment. It makes me sad for the people who can't and will have to live in pain forever.

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