I feel human again - 95% of the time I am pain-free

Shirley, UK

Posted 2016-04-17

My coccyx pain began in March 2014 and by the summer it was getting worse. I found sitting on soft seats very painful, and my sleep also disturbed, as I struggled to get comfortable. I'd been seeing a physiotherapist and she suggested getting an X-ray. After visiting my GP, I was sent to get an X-ray at my local hospital, but once there, it was decided that I needed an MRI scan instead, so back to my GP. It took until October to get scanned and to get the results.

Nothing nasty found, but my GP was not very helpful. It was confirmed that I had coccxydinia and my options were to have acupuncture, cortisone injections or as a last resort have surgery and have it removed.

I opted for some acupuncture and osteopathy. But after four sessions with my osteopath, the pain was not getting any easier.

I'd already found this web site and begun looking into finding someone who understood what was going on and may be able to help me. I read Michael Durtnall's report and the many testimonials and made an appointment to see him (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London).

My first appt was on the 25th March 2015. Within a few minutes Michael had put my mind at rest, he'd taken X-Rays and determined my coccyx bones were fusing together. Why or how it began I have no idea. It was such a relief to finally understand my problem, and a professional who could bring me some relief.

The initial examination process is uncomfortable, but not unbearable. After which Michael began, there and then with treatment - massaging and manipulating.

My second visit was shorter, and after seeing Michael, I also had 45 minutes of physio with Sofia.

After my fourth visit, my pain had reduced by 40%, and I was able to sit comfortably for longer, which was such a relief as my job involves quite a bit of driving.

After I had my fifth visit with Michael and more physio, with either Marta or Sofia, who are both brilliant at relieving muscle pain there was again more improvement. I felt 60% better than when I first visited. I knew there was still a way to go, but I knew that with each treatment things were getting easier.

In May 2015 my partner and I went on a walking holiday, which I was apprehensive about, not the walking so much but sleeping in different beds each night. The exercise was good and also necessary to help with relieving the pain of my coccyx. I've been going to the gym regularly to loosen up my muscles that support the coccyx bone.

We also had a summer holiday driving down to Portugal and back. I knew I still wasn't 100% better, but I certainly could not have even considered the journey 12 months earlier.

It's now April 2016 and I am having my last visit (for a while I hope) I feel human again - 95% of the time I am pain free. Seeing Michael and his team has most definitely given me back my freedom - thank you.

Update, 2017-08-13

I am still trouble/pain free, unless I sit for a long time. On a long car or train journey I get some discomfort if I've sat for too long.

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