Coccyx relief with Dr Laura Posl

Zhanna, USA -

Posted 2016-12-04

My coccyx pain started after the birth of my daughter in June. Everyone told me it would go away on its own but it didn't. I was so depressed . I tried physical therapy with little improvement. I finally decided do to a steroid injection. Oh was that a Mistake. It made my pain 100 times worse.

At this point I've been living almost five months with horrible pain. Finally I found Dr Laura Posl in Minnesota (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Minnesota). I hopped on a plane from NY to see her. After one week of the Wooley Kemper treatment I was 60 percent better. Dr Posl did a manipulation to the tailbone. Then she showed me stretches to do at home.

It's been three weeks and I'm 95 percent better. I never thought this day would come. Please see doctor Posl. She saved my life.


Update, 2018-01-07

I'm still feeling good. I recently went back to Dr Posl for a readjustment. My pain started to come back just slightly because I was sitting on a hard wooden chair for most of the day at work. I'm feeling good now.

The most my pain is that a one during really cold and rainy days but otherwise I'm so happy. I am still very cautious when I stand up and do it slowly just to make sure I don't aggravate my tailbone. But really it doesn't intervene with my daily life.

I will go back for a adjustment once I decide to get pregnant and have another baby. I decided that I will have a C-section so that I don't have my tailbone again. If anyone is suffering please go see Dr. Laura Posl.

Update, 2018-10-14

I had the injection done about a week before I went to Laura so I'm not sure what helped - the manipulation, the injection, or a combination of both. Perhaps the injection kicked in late.

My manipulation and Cortizone shot only lasted about 10 months. Then my pain came back worse than ever. This is when I went to see Dr. Scott Katzman (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Florida). He truly saved my life. I had my tailbone removed at the end of May. By the middle of July I was completely pain-free. During my recovery I did cold laser treatments which I think sped up my recovery.

It's now approximately five months since my surgery and I can do anything. I highly recommend this doctor. He has done more tailbone removals than any other doctor in the world. He has an amazing success rate, I think close to 100%. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

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