External manual adjustment of coccyx

Tracy, Australia

Posted 2016-08-21

Although I still get pain in my coccyx when I sit on hard surfaces, Brenda's method for manual adjustment definitely has provided me with some relief.

It took me a number of weeks to be able to access the area properly because the muscles were so tense, in addition, three times a day generated some skin sensitivity. It took time for the collection of muscles down there to release.

Now I can easily access the area and do find relief in my lower back and upper legs when I undertake the manoeuvre. I did initially prefer to do it laying on my side because the issue I mentioned above made it impossible to do it in the sitting position.

I don't want to apply any more pressure than I currently am, in case my coccyx is in the right location and I accidentally cause more damage in the area. Perhaps it is muscular in my case.

In short, the method has reduced muscle tensing significantly around the coccyx, buttocks and under carriage which has made me more comfortable.

I will persist in the hope that it continues to help and will let you know if anything changes.

Posted 2017-09-03

The physical manipulation hasn't been the magical cure of all that hurts. It does help in combination with other things. My latest combination is...

- not sitting at work (stand up work station)

- relief by placing a pool noodle (you can get them from pool stores or Clarke Rubber for example), I place a short section of it across my buttocks which gives relief to the coxyx area. It lets it drop.

- physical manipulation and massage around the area, loosening the muscles helps.

- Working on my core muscles, especially when standing up from sitting. It can be the difference from excruciating pain and no pain at all.

I was thinking I may go back to the muscaletal specialist for more pain relief injection (the drug they use for nurology / brain swelling). Allthough this again isn't the magical cure, it does give significant relief.

To be honest, the only thing that has worked is no sitting.

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