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Helena - helenafernandes25@gmail.com

Posted 2016-02-07

I started to feel pain in my coccyx in 2011 when I was studying for an important exam. As I had to spend many hours sitting at the desk, I thought it was the cause of my problem. I went to a lot of doctors, took pills, made an X-ray that didn't reveal major alterations and took local infiltrations. However, the pain persisted, and I continued to take pills, made a CT-scan and a MRI (which had shown a slight posterior dislocation of the lower disk of the coccyx), took more local infiltrations, put local ice and used special cushions. I was completely desperate, because the pain was not compatible with a normal life. It hurt me when I was sitting, when I moved into an up position, until it began to hurt when I was lying down. I went to osteopathy, with no result and started to do mesotherapy, without any improvement. The last option would be surgery, without any guarantee of improvement and with the significant risk of infection.

On January 2015 I went in to this site and discovered a personal testimony of a Portuguese woman, Sandra, that had recovered from coccyx-pain through the Dr. Sarno's books and the TMS Recovery Program. I thought I had nothing to lose, so I spoke with Sandra, who sent me one of the Dr. Sarno's books and in a month my pain improved a lot. I was also suffering from a painful knee problem, condromalacia, due to a mal-alignment of my rotula, and I also got finally cured (after years of suffering) from this problem. I am a physician, and because of that, it was a little bit difficult to believe, at the beginning, in TMS, but suddenly it had all the meaning to me. I am now free from knee and coccyx pain! I hope I can also be able to help many of you, with my testimonial just like Sandra has done to me.

Update, 2018-05-20

Luckily, the Dr Sarno's treatment was permanent - I no longer have coccyx or knee pain!

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