Treatment with Michael Durtnall and his team

Anonymous, USA

Posted 2016-07-17

Dr Michael Durtnall (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) is so skilled and so experienced that he is, in my opinion, genius. I found Michael on this website, which, with its wealth of information and people's stories, allowed me to dare hope that help might still be out there at a time when I had tried many approaches and treatments for my painful coccyx and pelvic spasms, and had been told that, really, the last thing, the next thing, the reasonable thing to do was to consider removing my tailbone. I did not, and do not, wish to do this.

I'm from the UK, living in the US, and travelled to London to see Michael. The journey was agonising but, as it turned out, more than worth the discomfort. I saw Michael each day for two weeks. I also saw one of his physiotherapists after each treatment.

During my initial evaluation session, Michael found that my tailbone was out of alignment and close to fusing, and that one of my sacroiliac joints was calcifying and possibly locked. The day I arrived at Michael's office, I was hunched over and unable to walk for more l than a few minutes taking short slow steps. At the end of my very first session, I could almost stand up straight and left his office walking relatively freely. Michael had been able to start mobilizing my fusing joints, and the benefit was evident immediately. I had been living with increasing pain and disability for well over a year, unable to find help that actually helped, and after one session with Michael, here I was, walking out into the sunshine and recognizing a glimpse of my pre-coccyx ordeal self.

With each session, I continued to improve. I found Michael to be highly approachable, compassionate and very determined to help me regain and maintain quality of life. Michael's therapists are wonderful and caring, providing both highly skilled hands-on treatment and tips for self-help.

The day after my final session with Michael, I was able to walk freely, and almost painlessly, for at least 45 minutes. I was amazed. I was also learning to sit on my newly acquired 11 wedge coccyx pillow, which I found awkward for quite some time, but which helps me sit for short periods.

I follow Michael's post-treatment guidelines, trying to be active, using the wedge pillow when seated, using the recommended massage ball to relieve muscle tension near the coccyx, and avoiding lying in twisted positions.

If you, or anyone you know, is suffering from coccyx pain, I highly recommend seeking treatment with the life-changing Michael Durtnall and his team.

Update, 2019-05-26

Since my initial absolutely breakthrough experience, I have returned to Sayer Clinics a few times for further treatment for coccyx pain. Each time, I have, over the course of several days, had a few appointments with Michael Durtnall and with one of the excellent physiotherapists, often with the exceptionally talented and wise Marta Dias De Oliveira.

While I realise I will likely always be troubled to some extent by my coccyx (pain, stiffness, muscle spasms), I am certain that my prospects are vastly improved by my treatments at Sayer Clinics. Michael manipulates and loosens the joints keeping them free from becoming completely and irretrievably stuck. After each treatment, walking feels almost like floating and I am filled with hope. Michael also educates every time. I leave my appointments understanding a little bit more, and this information helps my efforts to maintain the benefit of each treatment. Marta shares her wonderful combination of knowledge, experience and talent to create a very safe feeling physiotherapy experience that, in my case, provides long lasting benefit.

Both Michael and Marta work with such compassion, combined with their great skill, that they are able to bring healing, optimism and improved quality of life. Everyone I have met at Sayer Clinics is kind, helpful and caring. I cannot recommend Michael, Marta and the Sayer Clinics team highly enough. They are like an oasis in the difficult landscape of challenging coccyx issues.

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