I'm 13 months post-op and all of my tailbone pain is gone

Erin, USA - erint2121@hotmail.com

Posted 2016-12-11

Long story short, I broke my coccyx while birthing my second child in 2014... I have seen and/or been working with the following: Personal trainer, physical therapist, chiropractor, cranial sacral therapist, three nerve block/cortisone injections, ND, DO, and multiple surgeon consults.

I'm terrified to do the surgery and need help. My boys are 2 and 4, I work full time, and I only take minimal medication to get me through occasional sleepless nights. Thank god for my supportive hands-on husband, for without him I don't know how I would manage. I'm in pain and I can't be the mom I want to be with the constant suffering.

Update, 2017-02-19

Post coccygectomy, week 1: in bed laying on sides and stomach only. I didn't get behind the pain so I took 2 Percocet every 3 hours as directed and alternating Tylenol/Ibproferin every 4 hours. Pain wasn't as bad as I thought thanks to the medication. Was able to take two modified showers. Constipation was difficult even though I was taking extra flax oil, magnesium, and stool softeners. Also, something that really helped me sleep because the meds made me antsy and awake, was to use a vape using CBD oil at night (it is legal in WA State)

Week 2: was able to move carefully around the house a little, but still mostly in bed and medicated on pain killers and anti inflammatories

Week 3: Completely off all pain meds at the start of this week though the discomfort coming off of these are uncomfortable (restlessness and crawling skin). Was able to start taking slow walks about 1-2 miles and lifting arm weights in bed, but small infection and slight opening in incision occurred, which is a common side effect I was told due to incision placement, so I was put on 10 days of antibiotics which made me very nauseous, and doctor told me to take a step back with activity (aka. House bound and lots of laying down)

Week 4: I can now lay flat on my back in bed for short periods, and I can use my tailbone pillow to briefly sit if I'm leaning forward keeping weight on my hamstrings and arms. I also met with PT to start with simple mobility exercises. She wants to do scar manipulation once it is healed more (shooting for week 6) so it has more flexibility and less of a pulling feel

Week 5: I'm 3 days into week 5 and able to lay on my back for longer periods, but still no normal sitting or driving. I'm able to lift my toddler boys now though so that's nice.

As of now I'm not feeling the normal tailbone pain as before, but I also haven't been able to sit. I will post more updates on recovery, but after over two years of every alternative therapy I tried, I'm really hoping this is surgery is successful.

Other small bits of info I wasn't aware of was the incision is 4-5 inches long (bigger than anticipated), and I actually have an extra vertebrae in my spine which makes more sense as to why my tailbone was fractured in childbirth.

I was operated on by Dr. Robert Price at ProOrtho in Kirkland, WA (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Washington)

Update, 2018-03-18

I'm 13 months post-op and all of my tailbone pain is gone. It truly took almost 9 months to feel the full result of surgery. The only discomfort I now have is at times when I'm sitting down you can feel the base of your spine catching or grabbing the internal scar tissue since there were 5 layers of internal stitches. My doctor said this might subside over time, but due to having a blunt base to my spine now he can't guarantee it'll completely go away. I would absolutely recommend this doctor and surgery to anyone having the chronic pain I had, especially if all the alternative treatments didn't provide long term relief as in my case.

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