Pain around tailbone

Karan, India -

Posted 2016-09-11

Hello everyone, This is my story of the pain around tailbone region.

First of all, I am a hardcore gamer and a programmer. After my exams I had free couple of months in which I played a lot of games. I used a hard chair (very hard) and after few hours of continuous gaming I usually leaned towards my right side. The pain started to come but it was moderate and went away when I stood up. Slowly it started increasing.

It was very much but it didn't stop me from walking or something. I left all this gaming for a week and the pain was reduced. Now my biggest mistake is that I went on a trip with my family in which I had to spend a lot of time sitting while it was in a car. The pain came back. After a month the pain became so much that I was crying a lot. It was unbearable.

I went to a doctor and he took out x-ray and said that the bone is fine. He is a very reputed doctor here so I also trusted him. He prescribed me some medicines which I took. Now after exactly a month it is reduced but not gone.

I also took 10 days of physiotherapy in which they did ultrasound, laser and hot pack. The one doing physio said that it is healing and would take time. He also said x-ray is fine and there is nothing wrong.

I am getting worried and this is very depressing for me as I am just 18. Parents also think this is a normal problem and would go away slowly. I have talked to many friends and everyone said that this would go away slowly. I am worried and don't know what to do. Physio also costs a lot. Please help me.

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