PLEASE Consider Trigger Point Syndrome in Coccyx Pain!!

Alejandra -

Posted 2016-02-28

Hello. My name is Alejandra, and - just like most of you - I am a young woman who really suffered from horrible coccyx pain since March 2015 (11 months!). This nightmare started the day after I went to the Gym and used a specific machine for strengthening some muscles in my lower back.

After having two MRI, 3 x-rays (one of them a dynamic one), ALL CLEAR, and after visiting more than 14 doctors (chiropractors, acupuncturists, physicians, proctologists, well, the list is really long) I was given MANY diagnoses, and none of the procedures intended to help me did so.

11 months into the pain, I started searching in the internet because I was SO FED UP with doctors who honestly KNOW NOTHING about this particular condition. And then.... THE MIRACLE. I came across information about TRIGGER POINT Syndrome. Basically, it said that the muscles (and particularly the fibers around the coccyx) could be in spasm, and therefore creating pain in the surrounding area. NO DOCTOR ever told me about this possible condition.

I tried to touch these muscles very gently, and BOOM! They were hard like a rock, particularly on my right buttock. I then tried belly breathing, and pressing this tight muscle with a tennis ball, doing some stretching afterwards, and after 20 days, the pain was almost completely GONE. YES, GONEEEEEE.

So, my suggestion is this: if you happen to have some strange pain in the coccyx that came out of the blue, and all of the exams are coming out CLEAR, there is a good chance that a TRIGGER POINT IN THE BUTTOCK IS THE CAUSE OF THE PAIN. Before considering steroid injections and even a surgery!!! please research on this subject and take belly breathing VERY VERY seriously. It helps relax all the muscles and therefore the pain is diminished (of not gone). Feel free to contact me for any doubts. I hope I have helped you with this information; believe me: I know what it feels like to be living in constant pain. Best regards to you all.

Gluteus maximum trigger point

Gluteus maximus trigger point

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Update, 2017-09-24

A year has gone by and I'm still completely FREE of coccyx pain. Fortunately, I didn't take the advice of doctors, who said I needed to be operated on!!

It was all about the trigger point syndrome, and the pain was completely gone after doing some breathing exercises and strongly press the area with a tennis ball (with some stretching afterwards).

I hope this information is useful for other people. Read more about TRIGGER POINT SYNDROME because doctors know nothing about it. I spent a whole YEAR with an awful pain, and now I'm back to normal.

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