Anterior subluxation of the sacrococcygeal joint

Katie, UK -

Posted 2016-02-07

I have been undergoing treatment with Michael Durtnall for the past 4 months. In this short space of time his treatment and advice has had a significant impact on my working and everyday life.

Approximately 3 years ago (currently 23 years of age) I began to feel pain in the coccyx area when sitting, even when doing so for only half an hour. Gradually this worsened and I found it extremely difficult to sit for the shortest amount of time – the experience was excruciating.

I visited the doctors numerous times and was told to just take painkillers. Eventually I was referred to a physiotherapist who thought the pain was being caused by my hypermobility. I was given exercises for this but it didn't help, and if anything I think this caused more inflammation to the area.

I became more and more deflated, feeling as if there was no hope in being 'cured'. I decided to start looking into private treatment and in my findings came across Sayer Clinic (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). From reading the website's content and testimonials I researched Michael Durtnall's experience in coccyx pain diagnoses and treatment. I decided to get in touch, as I was sure this is where the problem lay.

On my first visit to the clinic, Michael conducted an x-ray followed by providing a thorough explanation of its results. The x-ray showed anterior subluxation of the sacrococcygeal joint, which Michael described essentially as sitting on a 'spike', and in my case it was quite severe, at a grade 3.

I have been attending appointments at Sayer Clinic, at first once every week, and now once every 2 weeks. After the first 3 months I felt as if I had a new back. As well as manual manipulation, Michael has provided me with guidance on my posture as I suffer from mild scoliosis – my posture has improved greatly and I no longer slump my neck at my computer screen! I have not suffered from pain in the coccyx area for approximately 1 month!

To summarise, Michael is a remarkable doctor but also an amazing person; friendly, approachable, and he really cares about his patients!

P.S. Michael advised me to get a Coccyx Cushion Seat Wedge – I purchased one from 'Back2', Wigmore Street – the 'Arkstore' version is a fantastic product, I highly recommend it!


Update, 2018-07-15

I have still had no coccyx pain since successful treatment by Michael Durtnall. I am so so grateful and still take on board Michael’s advice when setting up my workstation, when sitting down, when walking - everything he has advised me has stuck in my head, and improved my posture a great deal.

I also visited Michael after having the issue with my coccyx as I was getting some chest pain/tightness - additional postural advice & his massage technique released tension and cured this within a few sessions!

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