Dr. Brian Chan from Seattle

John, USA - jyesberger@yahoo.com

Posted 2016-03-13

I had the good fortune to find Dr. Chan in my hometown of Seattle, Washington after doing a search on the Coccyx site (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Washington). I realized right off that he was a serious and professional Doctor with intentions to help if he could. He was very forthright about the issues around my condition and listened well to my history and concerns.

I saw him around seven times and with his skill was able to get my coccyx bone to move. Most likely mine was not moving for over 30 years. He taught me exercises I could utilize to keep flexibility in that bone and the muscles around it. I also appreciated his ethics and to see me as much or as little as possible with the changes that were taking place. It turned out that I only needed the seven sessions.

I appreciate his knowledge and willingness to work with this condition that others tend to ignore.

Update 2017-10-01

During this past year, it feels like I have less direct pain or inflammation in the coccyx itself. But I think my problem is that the rest of the lower back has been compromised because of that original injury. I think the entire lower back endured pain over so many years from the connection between the coccyx and all that area mostly above it to around the waistline. I can sit a little longer than I did before I got the treatment from Dr. Chan. Forty five minutes to an hour before having to stand and move around. Although I often regularly get up every half hour anyway so that I can sit longer over time. Dr. Chan said that he had a favorable success rate with more recent injuries. Long ago, or chronic injuries were harder to affect.

It has been almost a year since seeing Dr. Chan and it may be good to have another session with him to see how things are going and get his perspective. But it does feel like his work has sustained more movement and flexibility with the coccyx itself. In the meantime, I am getting Graston and deep massage treatments for my lower back. I think those have been helpful in loosening up the back, yet after sitting for an extended period I still feel general pain and tightness with the lower back area.

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