Broken coccyx

Dina, USA -

Posted 2016-11-20

Hello, my name is Dina. I am currently 35, though I will be 36 next week. When I was younger, I think around 9 or so, I lived in Iowa. I was playing outside near my neighbor's house, and noticed an overturned canoe. I decided to play on it, and ended up slipping on ice (it was a metal canoe), and my feet went out from under me. As I fell, I slid down the front, and ended up striking the mooring ring with my coccyx. I writhed in the snow from the pain, in tears and unable to even make a sound to call for help, for what felt like forever.

When I went inside, I told, and showed, my mom what had happened. She was an RN at the time, and she told me there was nothing that could be done about a broken tailbone, and so I just had to take pain medication, and adjust how I sat to find the most comfortable position. Through the years, I've had pain from my coccyx, and I found that instead of having a straight-ish tailbone, or what is normal for a tailbone, mine is bent into the shape of a capital L, with the leg of the L turned in toward my body.

It still bothers me, to this day, and will radiate pain up into my lumbar spine, and I have chronic back pain that doctors haven't been able to fix. When I found your site, this was the first time I had ever heard that there actually *is* a fix for coccyx pain. I wish that I had been able to deal with it sooner! Thank you for the site. I hope to be able to give an update, if and when doctors actually are able to help me fix my broken coccyx.



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