Internal manipulation is nowhere near as bad as you think


Posted 2016-12-11

I just wanted to report how successful my treatment from Michael Durtnall has been at the Sayer Clinic Kensington.

I had suffered from pain in the coccyx 20 years ago. At that time I had injections into the area which worked for a short time, but then the problem came back. Thankfully, eventually it resolved itself only to reoccur with a vengeance in early 2016. It was much more acute and I visited my doctor and asked for an x-ray at the local hospital which revealed 'no significant pathology' and I was told that the only option was to be referred to the Pain Clinic! Unhappy and disappointed, I started to search for an alternative. I discovered this web-site and read of the work of Michael Durtnall (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London).

However, the idea of internal manipulation terrified me and so I did nothing. Eventually in July, I made a call to the clinic to enquire about the cost of treatment . At the end of August I was becoming depressed by the prospect of spending the rest of my life being unable to sit comfortably, and so I made an appointment.

Yes, the first appointment was embarrassing, but it became immediately obvious after looking at the x-ray that something had to be done!

I am writing this to reassure people that the actuality of internal manipulation is nowhere near as bad as the thought of it. Michael is skilled at what he does and I would urge anyone who is mortified by the idea to give it a go rather than suffering and worrying. All you have to lose is the pain!

I have just had my 7th treatment ( every alternate week) and I can report a significant improvement, so much so that I think I am going to be able to cope with a long haul flight later on this month; something which seemed an impossibility earlier on this year!

Update, 2018-01-07

Just to say that (touch wood) the improvement has been maintained.

There has been one occasion recently when I felt that the pain had come back as a result of sitting for several hours in a particularly uncomfortable plane seat. However, I was relieved when it subsided the following day.

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