Daughter experiencing coccyx pain

Yuan - yuanxu2002@gmail.com

Posted 2016-05-29

My 13 year old daughter has been experiencing coccyx pain for 2 weeks. It started one night for no reason, she didn't fall or injure her coccyx area at all. We thought it would go away soon, but it didn't yet.

We are wondering what cause the pain. Here are the things we think might contribute: my daughter spent a long time everyday sitting down (about 9 hours per day; The two days before the hurting she had very very little blood on her underwear, and we were wondering if that was her first period; she did swimming, danced and biked sometimes.

We recently bought a new bike seat for her, which looks like this. She complained that her coccyx hurt while sitting on it. My daughter is also a back sleeper, and we think that sleeping on her back put pressure on her coccyx, especially since she took naps everyday, and the sofa she lied on when napping sank down exactly where her coccyx was.

schwinn seat

My daughter says that her coccyx area doesn't hurt when she sits up straight, but when she slouches, it hurts, especially when sitting in the car. She also says that there is pain when transitioning from sitting to standing and vice versa, jumping, and when she squeezes her butt. She complains that her coccyx hurts after sleeping on her back for a night/nap. She has tried sleeping on her side or tummy, but she is having a lot of trouble with it, and ends up sleeping on her back every night again.

So we ordered a memory foam coccyx cushion for her which looks like this. She said that it helps and is very comfortable, though it still hurts occasionally, especially after sitting after more than half an hour.

coccyx cushion

We have also been putting a hot water bag on her butt while she is lying down, she says it seems to help right after, but the pain goes back quite soon.

We went to see several doctors, one recommended us to do a x-ray, others said to wait.

Please email me back at yuanxu2002@gmail.com if you have any information or answers to the below questions that could help us. We appreciate it very much, thank you.

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