Severe tailbone pain

Anonymous, Kuwait -

Posted 2016-12-18

I suffer from a coccyx pain. Like a lot of people here, I have no clue what caused it. I did anal fissure surgery 4 months ago but I believe it is not a result of the surgery because the pain in exactly on the tip of the coccyx bone. It is located on the protruded edge of the bone. It hurts me when I press on it with my finger, the centre and the right side of it (as a muscle pull). The left side of the bone doesn't hurt me that much. I wonder why one side hurts more than the other?! Walking and laying on my side are the only comfortable positions for me. Sitting or standing for long periods (say an hour) without moving kills me with pain, sometimes it radiates to my buttocks.

Surprisingly, I feel the excruciating tailbone pain some days but others not that strong, it becomes very mild. In those days I may even sit without the foam pillow I usually sit one. But other days, it shoots pain after a prolonged sitting.

I did x-rays but revealed nothing. The Dr prescribed me anti-inflammatory to put on the outside skin, no pills. Are not anti-inflammatory taken in pills?! I was thinking of manipulation but hard pressure on it is so painful to me. He recommended me cortisone injections if the one he gave me failed, but did not even mention manipulation.

Sometimes when I press with my index on the tippy top bone of the coccyx (the one that hurts), it does not hurt me unless I press real hard, especially after being exposed to cold water. And I feel the left side of the bone is the one that hurts more. Could it be a connecting muscle that radiates to the bone?! It is just some days I can pinpoint the pain and others it feels as if there is pain somewhere on the tip but I cannot specify.

Another point is that when I move pressingly with my finger on the left side of the bone, I feel as if a very very tiny bone or muscle that is not stable on that side of the very tip of the coccyx. Dunno if it is a muscle or bone but the pain on the coccyx cannot be always specified. But the pain is there.

I am welcoming advice, feel free to email me.

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