My treatment at Sayer Clinic by Dr Michael Durtnall

Sandra, UK -

Posted 2016-04-03

I started having pain in my lower back in March 2015 and after suffering with it for a few weeks I finally went to my GP who prescribed Naproxen and sent me to our local NHS physio. He said I had a leg discrepancy and proceeded to adjust my back and said that this would ease my pain. I had exercises to do which were actually causing much more pain. I had acupuncture which eased the pain for a while but it always returned. Two weeks after this I started with extreme pain in my coccyx area, standing up and then trying to sit were excruciating. I felt as though I was sitting on a spike. In a short space of time sitting became impossible, I spent my time going back and forth to the GP who said there was only medication for pain and injections. I started on Gabapentin which were horrendous and went back and they gave me Oramorph which I didn't take any of. I began to become depressed due to the chronic pain and the effect it was having on my life and the lives of my family. I suffered an anxiety breakdown and was in a very bad way mentally. I couldn't face each day with pain and more pain. I was desperate and could see no hope of recovery. I am now placed on anti depressants which I still take at a low dose, Pregabalin for nerve pain and anxiety and amitriptyline which I have now stopped. I spent the whole of the summer in pain and depression.

I started having Osteopath treatment along with acupuncture to try to ease the pain but nothing helped. I was referred to Spinecare and had one set of injections in November which were brutal and did nothing for the pain. In December I had a nasty fall on my bottom and broke my arm, I was at my lowest point. I would spend days and nights on my I Phone researching about coccyx pain and treatment, I was obsessed with my quest to find help. I didn't want to be taking these powerful drugs forever. I kept seeing Dr Michael Durtnall's name (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) appear in the many fantastic reviews on this website and decided this was where I needed to go for help.

I live in Cumbria and this meant facing long journeys to see Michael but I was desperate and determined. I went on my first visit before Christmas 2105 and immediately knew upon meeting Michael and having x-rays taken and finally a diagnosis that I had come to the right place. My coccyx was fused pointing downwards like a spike and had become jammed. I also have sacro-iliac problems as well as issues with muscle tightness. Michael explained that the position of my coccyx was causing the pain and the fact it was immobile meant it wasn't curling under when I sit. I also have intense burning/tingling pain in my bottom, thighs and pelvis which at times are unbearable and this is due to pudendal nerve irritation.

I have been visiting Michael every two weeks since January 2016, I now travel there on my own, sometimes staying overnight in a hotel nearby which is a massive achievement for me as my anxiety disorder remains with me and makes it difficult at times to do anything, but with Michael's help and understanding I cope with the condition a lot more. My journey to London is extremely long and tiring, the train journey is 3.5 hours long and I stand most of the way, Taking my coccyx cushion for when needs must! I travel down, have my treatment done and travel right back home on the evening train, but it is so worth all the time, effort and expense. I have been having internal and external manipulations done by Michael as well as adjustments on my lower back and I have had four treatments with the wonderful Sofia who is the specialist physiotherapist who works internally and externally to relieve the burning nerve pain as well as working on muscles to release the tension in my lower back /coccyx area.

I have, like so many of us with this pain been tested to my limits but now feel that with the care of Sayer Clinic that I might well recover. I have had 7 sessions with Michael (who always likes to know about your recovery in percentages). I have significant pain reduction in my lower back and my coccyx is now 60% better although I am still unable to sit due to the nerve issues. My journey to London is physical and demanding but I look forward to it as each one is a step nearer to becoming as pain free and off the medication as I can be. I have met some lovely people at the clinic with the same problem, and have found support from a lovely person on this website.

Michael is an exceptional man of true dedication, integrity and compassion and has a compelling wealth of knowledge which he uses to help us all to overcome this debilitating problem. He is always upbeat, compassionate and inspiring. Not only has he has treated my physical problems but he has also encouraged me and advised me with matters of my anxiety. Sofia works with the same dedication and is a lovely girl who carries out all her treatment with the utmost professionalism and dignity Alongside my fortnightly visits, I walk, do specific exercises and although I am still having more bad days than good I can see a marked improvement and am resigned to continue my journey and keep working at it until hopefully things can be resolved and I can get back to being ME again and enjoy life with my family.

Sometimes thank you just doesn't seem enough but I would like to say I feel lucky to be able to visit Sayer Clinic for my treatment, and am truly grateful to Michael and Sofia.

I hope that if you are suffering from this awful affliction and are in any doubt as which way to turn for help then please don't hesitate to go Michael and his team.

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