Pain was really acute going from sitting to standing

Alison, Australia -

Posted 2016-03-20

In November 2015 I was knocked overby a large wave on Bondi beach andI landed onmy coccyx. It was painful at the time but about an hour later I noticed a very painful dull ache radiating out from my coccyx. It hurt constantly but especiallywhen I walked, I could not sit down and the pain was really acute going from sitting to standing.Two days later I went to A and E and they suspected a coccyx fracture, however did not x-ray as they said the treatment was the same whether it was fractured or bruised. I took painkillers, rested and sat on a semi-circle cushion.

About 6 weeks later I was still in a lot of pain, except it was now more around my sacrum and glutes as well as my coccyx. I went to the GP and they x-rayed and said I had dislocated the lower part of my coccyx even though it was correctly aligned. They said the spread of pain was causedby theinflammation from the dislocationand the muscles and ligaments getting used to their new position. I asked about physio but they said there was not much one would be able to do with a dislocation. They recommended more painkillers and waiting another month. I went back a month later as the pain was worsening and they recommended a cortisone injection, advised that coccyx pain can last 12 monthsand even mentioned a referral for surgery in a few more months if the injection didn't help. I had been in a lot of continuous pain for 3 months and was meant to be going traveling so was very upset.

I then did a lot of research on forums and found AJ physio/Sydney Pelvic Clinic (see Doctors and specialists in Australia, New South Wales) was recommended for pelvic injuries and I thought I would try physio before an injection and they were fantastic. They were really experienced, professional and caring. Angela told me after the assessment I was probably born with a separation in my lower coccyx and that it would be out of alignment if it had been caused by the fall. She said the initial pain may have been caused by a bruise or a hairline fracture, but that the continued pain was caused by a torsion in my pelvis and muscle spasms in my glutes and pelvic floor, which were pulling on my coccyx. The tight muscles also prevented my glutes from firing, and having been in pain and tensing over the last 3 months kept the pain going. They advised stretches on my glutes and hip flexor to treat the pelvic rotation, exercises to strengthen my glutesand treated the tightness in my pelvic floor internally. After just a few sessions with Angela and Anna the pain reduced dramatically and I could walk, swim and sit without a cushion again and for long periods which was impossible before.

I would therefore really recommend AJ Physio/Sydney Pelvic Clinic to anyone with a pelvic injury and that an experienced specialist physio can help enormously, even when it is not recommended by GP's. Thank you very much to Angela and Anna as I can now live without pain (and go travelling!)

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