One sneeze started it all. Fixed by reading Dr. Sarno's "Healing Back Pain"

John, USA

Posted 2016-10-23

It's a relief to see this page; I've honestly spent hours on it for the past three months as other on here have done.

Just over three months ago I sneezed while standing up and felt pain in my tailbone for the first time-- the same pain I've felt for the past three months in my tailbone. The sneeze was on the onset of a summer flu I had experienced to include sneezing, high temperatures, and a long recovery of coughing. The flu went away but the tailbone pain did not. Over the last three months the pain has progressively become worse - it's an achy, dull pain that gets worse the longer I sit down, especially on hardwood, and also when I stand up, lay on a side, or lay on my back at night. Even when I am leaning against a wall while standing, it seems to tighten the muscles around my tailbone that cause this pain.

I've had some relief, not recovery, by using the inflated donut ring I bought from Walmart, but even when I stand up from I feel the ache.

I obtained an X-ray last week but haven't gotten the result yet; from the posts I've read already, I get the feeling they won't find anything on the X-ray. I'll have to post an update when I get the results.

Please, if anyone has any advice or a similar experience, let me know at

Update, 2017-01-01

Here it is....after 4 months of increasing pain in my tailbone (what's crazier is it all started with one sneeze). I fixed it using Brenda's self manipulation . Listen, to those reading this post, it may sound like a "too-good-to-be-true" story; it did to me when I first read it. I've waited more than a month since I first did it (I first did the manipulation on November 7th and it went away immediate but I couldn't believe it so I've been waiting till now for the pain to come back but it's gotten better every day since then--and when I say "better" I mean like a 95% and above). Here's a little more details.

If you read my story I was waiting for a spinal x-ray. However the night before I was supposed to receive the spinal x-ray results I found Brenda's post and decided after reading the 30 other people who successfully tried the self manipulation that I would try it myself (was very skeptical honestly--how could months of pain go away instantly and by means of my own hands?). I sat on the toilet instead of a hard chair because I could reach around my tailbone easier that way. I leaned forward and got three fingers around my tailbone. Just as Brenda outlined, I slowly straightened my back while pulling with gentle pressure on my tailbone. I personally had no "pop;" I thought I could maybe feel it move a little, but honestly wasn't sure; I felt a little bit of pain as I was doing it but it didn't feel like I was creating an unnaturally bad sort of pain; and then the pain went away. I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT. In fact I was so nervous that it couldn't be true that I went straight to bed without sitting on anything that night. The next morning I woke up on my back instead of my stomach for the first time in months (you see, I'd turn in the middle of the night without knowing it because my tailbone would wake me up and turn me in the middle of the night onto my stomach).

Over the next few days the achy pain I had felt would come back when I sat on harder surfaces but with less intensity; I did the self manipulation 2 or 3 times a day for the first few days and the pain would always go away and come back with less and less intensity--but the change was real at that point already, as I could SIT ON HARD SURFACES without immediate pain. A week passed, and I'd only do it once every couple of days, then few days, and now maybe only once every two weeks. I now sit for hours. My quality of life has improve so much; I thought I was going to possibly live with the pain for the rest of my life, but to me it's a miracle. I praise God for Brenda's post--forgot how good it was to just sit down and NOT think about sitting down.

Jon, thank you for the help, seriously, and for everything you've done with this site; it has truly changed my life and I hope you get joy from this.

By the way, when I went in for my spinal x-ray results the day after I tried the manipulation, I sat in the waiting room for about 40 minutes--doctor was taking forever; I had to catch another work appointment so postponed the appointment because by that time I was already starting to feel confident about Brenda's manipulation. I receive the results next week and highly doubt they'll see anything in my spine--I'll post if they do. But now I can show up and tell the doctor "IT'S FIXED--SERIOUSLY!"

Update, 2017-10-07

Bottom line, the pain was fixed after discovering it was Tension Myositis Syndrome (I say "fixed" because in the previous post I wrote about how a self manipulation worked - but it worked only for a month or so.) The tailbone pain came back after the self manipulation seemingly took it away for about a month but it came back in full stride. After reading through more posts, I found some individuals found progress by reading Dr. Sarno's "Healing Back Pain," which covers Tension Myositis Syndrome TMS.

Though the book's title suggests its for back pain, it covers TMS. My symptoms matched everything in the book and by reading just a few chapters about the syndrome, the pain started disappearing. The pain has been gone for 4 months--completely. The pain was real, but there was no physical injury, but tension in the muscles called by stress, induced by the mind.

That my mind was the cause of the pain I felt for almost 8 months would have been my last guess. Please, if you have nothing else to lose, I would at least google Tension Myositis Syndrome. Dr. Sarno's book may have saved me from lifelong pain, and Jon, your website likely did so as well. Thanks again.

Note from Jon Miles:

I emailed more than a year after this story was posted, to ask for an update, as the long-term outcome of treatment is of great interest. In this case I did not get a reply.

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