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Nataly, Croatia - Update - Managing pain through exercise and some other stuff, Zagreb, Croatia

Anne, USA - Update - My success with my tailbone

Melissa, Canada - New diagnosis

Irene, Germany - Update - Success so far with injection

Gino - Update - Dislocation of bottom segmant of coccyx

Donna - Update - Coccyx removal 30 October 2012

Morgan - Update - On the path towards coccygectomy

Anonymous - Coccyx treatment successful by Dr Rajveer Singh

Robert - 17 days after coccyx removal

Perry - A Story of Pain, Learning, and Relief

Drravi - Coccyx displacement and recovery

Alem - Huge improvment in tailbone pain with exercises

Katie - Update - My back story

Gill - Update - 3 weeks post-op

Mariya - Verwijdering van mijn staartbeen

Mariya - Surgical resection coccyx

Anonymous - Now 80-90% better

Vasky - Pain in the lower back and coccyx

Ben - Anti-inflammatory plaster

Tammy Terry - Recommendation for coccyx pain management specialist in Phoenix, Arizona

Rasheeda - My experience with Dr. Mubashira

Rahul - Exercises from Dr. Singh

Barbara - Pain started after cystoscopy

Ursula - I too have a success story

Tracy - I now live a normal life without the excruciating pain I once had

Mrinalini - Dislocated tailbone tilted to the left

Donalyn - Kneeling chair and cushion

Anonymous - Oral corticosteriod seemed to stop the pain

Matthew Herb - 37 year-old, DC area

Nikolette - A long healing process, but my pain has changed dramatically

Leona - Update - Operation

Laura - Dr Durtnall review

Abhay Jhawar - Eventually found a good doctor

Anonymous - Successful surgery

Anonymous - My experience and recomendations, from Spain

Abdul Samad - 75-80% all right after manual treatment

Angela - Recovery from surgery?

Lisa - Surgery a week ago, no relief yet

Ivan - Traumatic tailbone pain - Brazil

Dee - Chronic coccyx pain and reconstructive surgery that seems to have worked!!

Cathy - Pioneering sacrococcygeal repair

Amanda - Two years of painful procedures that haven't worked

Kathy - Update - Surgery scheduled May 2012

Jaime - Update - Tailbone always stuck out

Anonymous - Rotated and side-bent coccyx

Nathan - Injured tailbone playing tennis

Maxine - Coccyx removal in NYC so far very good

Ripal - Recovering and positive....

Brenda - This pain is not something that I can live with

Katie - Tailbone pain relief

Stephanie - Injections didn't help, internal manipulation did

Melissa R - Nerve damage led to falls and coccyx pain

Linda - Coccyx dislocation

Anonymous - Coccygectomy, 7 weeks post op

Len - The constant "pain in the butt" seems truly gone

Karen - Recovery from a coccygectomy

Bill Hanley - Update - Coccyx removal

Barbro - Fabulous doctor in Sweden

Michelle - Doctor recommendation

Anthea - Bad fall

Anonymous - Ran out of options, tried colon cleanse

Pascale - My coccyx removal surgery 8 days ago

Aimee - Recommendation of Dr. Gotlin in NY

Melanie - Treatment by Dr Nunez, Glendale, CA, successful after fall down stairs

Jeffrey S. - My cure!

Jackie Williamson - My coccygectomy story

Gayle - My coccyx pain story and cure

DC - Relief with internal and external manipulation along with stretching and strengthening exercises

Alix - Comfortable stool for sitting

Walt - Update - Still searching for relief

Mary - Coccyx area pain returned

Karen - Wondering about surgery

Dee - In Urgent Need Of Advice!!!!!!

Anonymous - Damaged coccyx bone during pregnancy

Susan - Coccygectomy: so far, so good

Judith Smith - Coccyx removed Feb 2012

Amber - Broken tailbone october 2010

AK - Living pain free with manual treatment

Priya - Coccyx exercises that work?

Jo - Hope for your coccyx pain

Liz - Success story

Emma - My miracle!!

Melissa - Hooked tailbone

Jaqueline - Coccyx pain gone

Bernadette - The "Triple-CV" Coccyx Cushion from C.S. Ergonomics

Pauline - Manipulation in Spain

Mery - Tailbone pain improved about 75%

Hengsoon - Excercise to relieve tailbone pain

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