Broken tailbone october 2010

Amber -

Posted 2012-02-12

Note - Broken tailbone

Doctors often wrongly diagnose 'broken tailbone' when the tailbone is dislocated at one if its joints, not fractured. More detail on 'broken tailbone' here.

I broke my tailbone Oct. 27 2010. I am 21 years old now and was 20 then. I was living in my dormroom in Northern Michigan University. I was getting up for class and climbing down my loft when I sat on the corner of the dresser with all my weight. I instantly saw stars with tears in my eyes my roommate laughed hysterically. I figured I bruised it and went on with the most pain I ever felt in my life that day. I was in the marching band and was forced to march three hours that night "sucking up the pain" because I figured I was making a big deal outta nothing. Later that night looking at my tailbone it was bulging and very very bruised.

Halloween morning I couldn't get out of bed literally at all. I called my mom who said to go to the hospital. So after excruciating pain and luck I made it up to have my boyfriend and my roommate drag me and my sorry butt to the hospital. We waited and waited while they took x-rays and got done. The doctor finally came out (oh and by the way the most of my pain was crawling and standing and of course some sitting but standing was worse) the doctor said she thought it may be a birth defect that my tailbones at a odd angle and she thought it was fine but the radiologist would get back to me sometime. She didn't show me the x-rays and sent me off with a prescription. Later about 4 hours! The radiologist called me and said that my tailbone was dislocated and I needed to see a ortho surgeon.

I did and later transferred to a closer one to home in Toledo Ohio. There they took more x-rays and said it was broken. Not much they could do was all I heard. I understand medication but don't want it my whole life. Finally I asked about surgery and he said probably not a good idea because my tailbones angled practically 90 degrees and he didn't want to bother the colon or nerves. I got him to agree to a manipulation after a couple months which was a not a success. Now years later and annoyed with the pain and unable to get comfortable at all sitting I ponder what to do....what would you do guys?

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