My coccyx pain and myotherapy

Gayle -

Posted 2012-02-26


I live in Australia & was pregnant when my sciatica turned into a terrible coccyx pain. I couldn't sit for more than a couple of minutes at a time. The pain sort of eased into a constant numbness after the birth, but was still right there. I could now sit for a few hours at a time. Then it became an infrequent pain with the pain coming on random days. I sit at the computer a lot & this usually aggravates the pain. I became so used to it that I used to unconsciously avoid hard & cold seats & would constantly fidget while I sat.

I'm 35 years old & the pain became such an emotional & physical drain on my being, that I sent it to the back of my brain & it lay dormant, but ever present for over two years.

I'd done two different x-rays in two different states in Australia, seen two different doctors (again in 2 states) with absolutely no result. The first lady said that there was nothing obviously wrong with my tailbone / pelvis. The 2nd lady spotted a slight misalignment in my tailbone & said there was no cure save surgery (& that only if the pain gets unbearable). It didn't count that the pain I had almost everyday was on a scale of 7 out of 10 & it affected every area of my life.

Finally, I went to a chiropractor & after yet another x-ray, she saw that my pelvic floor muscles were calcifying (& that was probably what had caused the misaligned tailbone, therefore causing the pain). I was shocked that no one saw that in the last two years!

Anyway, she suggested I do some 'myotherapy'. This was where they do 'dry-needling' (place thin needles into the area of pain, leave it there for about 20 minutes & then massage that area intensely). I had to sit on a cold pack for most of that day & the next after my session. I am soooo pleased & relieved to say that two days after my session, my pain has completely disappeared - I mean, my pain scale is ZERO on ten! I cannot believe that it took 30 minutes to cure me of a 2 year old pain! I can sit as long as I want with no cushion & I am so completely thrilled that I am telling anyone who would listen about 'myotherapy'! It is a miracle. I know how terrible the pain can be & I do hope this information is of help to anyone who suffers from it.

More info about myotherapy can be found here - and here -



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