Recovery from a coccygectomy

Karen -

Posted 2012-03-25

I am 33 years old and fit and healthy. Approx 2.5 years ago I damaged my coccyx whilst in labour with my daughter and after many procedures and pain killers etc that all failed miserably I had my coccyx removed. This was on the 14th February this year, and fully briefed by my surgeon of recovery times and risks etc.

I came around my surgery was and was told all went well. I woke up on my back and was fully dosed up with Morphine etc. I was able to sit pretty much pain free and stayed that next 2 nights in hospital laying and sleeping on my back. I was also able to walk small distances on the hospital ward.

I was discharged home and went to my local GP surgery to get my dressings changed every other day and the wound was keep clean. It was a wound of approx 3 cm. However day 10 post op I developed an infection. I was given antibiotics which cleared it up but a short time after developed another infection and this time I was re-admitted back into hospital. They discovered underneath I had a 3 cm in depth cavity. My GP thought it would need it re-opening, washed out and sewn back up! But I was discharged with more antibiotics and a vac dressing, which I'm sure your aware of is basically a suction pipe stuck over the top of the wound which is drawing out the pus etc. Every 3rd day I get a community nurse come to my home and change the dressing which is new gauze packed into the wound.

I have now had this vac dressing for 14 days and the wound/cavity isn't knitting together. And its been 6 weeks since the initial surgery.

I have been sitting as normal and sleeping as normal on my back with no pain and am on no pain relief. However am getting a little down that my wound isn't healing. I know I have been told recovery is long winded but it's the knitting of the wound that I need to get on top of. I don't have a follow up appointment for a few weeks with my surgeon so I am hoping if there is anyone that can share their experience with me if similar has happened to you or if any advice can be passed to me such as what activities I should or shouldn't be doing, should I be sitting and if there is any special diet I can follow to encourage tissue repair?

I do very much look forward to any responses.

Kind regards


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