My success with my tailbone

Anne, USA -

Posted 2012-09-23

In February of 2010 I broke my right knee falling on some ice. Needless to say this was what I feel created my problem with my tailbone. I worked in the produce department of a grocery and was basically forced to return to work lifting up to 60 pounds without the use of my knees to lift for I was still in a lot of pain from the fracture.

Just one day I noticed pain in my tailbone when I would get up from my chair and then riding my bike and it just continued to get worse until the pain was pretty unbearable. I was miserable all the time. This began my quest for relief with my Osteopath, several chiropractors, massage therapy and physical therapy for several weeks. I did find out one thing that my right leg was shorter than my left. This began an argument between doctors and physical therapists to whether my leg discrepancy began at birth or was from muscles. I think now that all the limping I did from my accident created this problem. Needless to say I spent hundreds of dollars and received absolutely no relief.

With desperation I made an appointment with Dr. Vernon Patterson at the Cleveland Clinic (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Ohio). I found his name on here. At this point I would have traveled about anywhere if I thought I would get relief from the pain. Dr. Patterson did internal manipulation which helped a lot. I liked him but he made it clear to me that he wasn't really interested in treating patients like us because we took up so much of his time. He preferred dealing with athletes. I understood his wishes until I received the bill which was way over one thousand dollars then I was less sympathetic. I also found out that some chiropractors will do this procedure.

Well he took a major part of the pain away. I could get up from a chair now without being in agony but still couldn't sit for lengthy times. At this point I was ready to just give up. Then when I was doing one of my many many searches online for chronic pain I found a book called "Pain Free" by Pete Egoscue. I decided what did I have to lose and bought the book. Basically Mr. Egoscue offers simple stretches and exercises for your posture. There is different chapters for different body parts. After a while I realized how out of balance my body had become. I started doing the stretches for my hips and I could tell how much I had straightened up and realized that my tailbone pain had slowly diminished. I still have a long way to go to cure my posture problems and still have alot of knee pain but my tailbone rarely causes me any problems. I don't sit for a living and I still haven't tried riding a bike but I can ride in the car without pain and can sit for hours at home. Occasionally I can feel the pangs but I really believe in Mr. Egoscue's theories and wanted to post this to try to help others. He has several books and clinics where he sees patients. I would think his books would be in libraries.

The only other thing I have changed is my way of sleeping. I read where it was suggested to sleep with a pillow between your knees and I now practice this. This may have helped also.

Good luck to everyone.

Update, 2014-04-12

I still suffer from occasional pain but nothing like the agony of before. I still can't sit on hard wooden surfaces and the other day I was doing a lot of shoveling and have been a little sore ever since. I thank God I don't have that agony any more.

I do feel Dr. Patterson helped me but I really credit the Pete Egoscue book and his exercises. He has made me discover how screwed up my body gets posture wise and anytime I really get it out of whack I work them again even though I know I should be doing them everyday. I am also faithful about sleeping with a pillow between my knees. Since I am overweight I think that helps also.

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